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The Biden Administration has made the purported battle between democracy and autocracy central to its foreign and domestic policies. Crowning himself the defender of democracy, Biden, along with his allies on the political Left, claimed to be waging an apocalyptic war between good and evil for the democratic soul of the nation—and indeed the world— against Putin’s Russia, autocratic China, and of course MAGA Republicans—considered by far the greatest villains. 


On the domestic front, Biden’s democracy indeed resembles a war for many Americans. While elections in America have always had consequences, in the past, there were at least broad fundamental agreements about the country, buttressed by a common patriotism, shared values, mores, and traditions. Now, losing an election means being branded enemies of the state by your opponents and having your own government weaponized against you. Woke ideology is shoved down your children’s throats—all while you watch on helplessly as your country rapidly implodes.

Moreover, as in any war, truth is the first casualty. And despite Biden and the Left seeking now to cloak themselves in the righteous glow of democracy, what do their actions genuinely show? 

After all, we have just witnessed the indictment of our former President and leading Presidential contender on politically motivated, bogus, and, forgive the pun, trumped-up charges. The sort of thing that occurs in third-world Banana Republics, not the United States of America. 

But in Biden’s democracy, we often find ourselves living in a country that we no longer recognize. The America we knew, the one our ancestors built and flocked to, was replaced by the kind of failed state that so many risked everything to run away from. 

Today, America is a place where violent criminals regularly go unpunished and are treated with more tremendous respect than law enforcement or even their own victims. Where large parts of major cities are filthy, crumbling, and crime-ridden. Where failing schools are more concerned with the indoctrination of their students than with teaching them math, reading, and science. Where parents are told that they have no rights over the education of their own children. And where the basics of a decent middle-class life, once seen as an American birthright, are out of reach for so many.


Our government is also unable or unwilling to even protect our national sovereignty. As we no longer enforce our own immigration laws, control our own borders, determine who stays and who goes, or simply keep droves of foreigners and deadly drugs from invading on a daily basis. This has resulted in the social, community, and civil ties that bound us together as one unified nation and one unified American people being forcibly ripped apart. America is now balkanized into disparate warring tribes based on race and identity. 

Indeed, with each day that passes by, Biden’s democracy looks ever more like a Trojan Horse ushering in a Woke authoritarianism. With membership in and allegiance to the Woke regime dictating one’s treatment in America today, employment, admission into schools and universities, and even obtaining a mortgage are no longer decided on the basis of merit, but instead whether one ticks the right boxes—all in the name of some Marxist concept called “equity.” 

Further, the only sorts of diversity not privileged and celebrated lately are those pertaining to thoughts and ideas, with even the slightest opposing viewpoints censored, canceled, or worse, by those believing themselves on the “right side of history.” While those deemed on the “wrong side” by espousing traditional American values and beliefs or even simply taking the perfectly reasonable position that biological males should not play women’s sports are now equated to literal Nazis, justifying all manner of terrors against them. 


Over the past few years alone, we have seen the I.R.S. maliciously target conservatives for audits and concerned school parents cast by Biden’s Department of Justice as domestic terrorists. While those favored by the regime terrorize, loot, and burn down cities and threaten the lives and families of conservative Supreme Court Justices with impunity—all while being hailed as peaceful protestors. 

Additionally, even when the Left loses an election of natural consequence, as in 2016, they do everything possible to thwart the democratic “will of the people.”  Indeed, from the very start, they deemed President Trump’s election illegitimate, as both a fluke and product of foreign meddling. This justified the rise of the so-called “Resistance,” with the elites, media, bureaucracy, schools, and universities banding together to stop the man democratically elected by millions of Americans.

And to ensure their power is never threatened again, the Left now seeks to rig the democratic process permanently in their favor, with any meaningful Constitutional checks and balances rendered powerless or eliminated. For example, by packing the Supreme Court; abolishing the Electoral College; ballot harvesting; allowing non-citizens to vote; ignoring unfavorable court rulings; and making DC a state, among others. 

Thus, to Biden and the Left, democracy is, perhaps unsurprisingly, merely a euphemism for obtaining and exercising raw political power for the purposes of forcibly reshaping America in its preferred image. It serves as well to camouflage both their true intentions and their many failings while also providing a weapon to cast those that challenge them as undemocratic, fascist, and authoritarian. 


In the end, however, like in any war, history will be written by the victors. And whether democracy or autocracy prevails in this one will entirely depend upon what side you end up on. 

As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” We may soon discover if we can.  

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