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There was a picture of only one president in my house growing up in the 1980s and it was not Ronald Reagan. The president on our family wall was John F. Kennedy. He would be turning over in his grave at what his party has done, increasingly so through the decades and culminating in these past two days.


When it seemed apparent that a relief bill, that the American people had been waiting for, was going to be passed it was Nancy Pelosi who killed it.  She was assisted by her Senate ally Chuck Schumer.  After previously signaling that everything was good to go the Democrats pulled the plug on the relief bill when they believed they could put their ideological agenda into a bill related to the Wuhan coronavirus.

Townhall Editor Katie Pavlich recently published the list of Democrat demands.

None of the items listed have anything to do with providing direct relief to the American people.   Required early voting?  Union bargaining?  Cancellation of postal debt? Climate change?  Really?!  Are you kidding?  Senate Minority Schumer says on the floor of the Senate that their thoughts are with us. Their thoughts are not with us nor are the Democrat leaders, as people, with us. If they were they wouldn’t be thinking about the other things we argue about during this time.

The Democrats will not pass bills incrementally, as the Republicans have done. Instead, they hold bills hostage in order to get everything they want beyond the immediate issue of the Wuhan coronavirus. They won’t even let the people get their checks or unemployment insurance extended. Instead, they hold us hostage too.  

They will keep coming for our guns, our healthcare, our religion and now blatantly hold our livelihood in their very hands. They finally began admitting to the first three issues during recent election cycles and their actions show our livelihood, far beyond economic policy disagreements, is next. The other issues are just as important but the power grabs they did on those issues were slow, incremental and often almost imperceptible (save Obamacare). They planned it that way while shaming us for our history so that we would not look to history as a guide; history that would tell us the Democrats always infer “this is the last bill. This will not go any further than this form.”  They lie. They will never stop. They are progressive. They always go for more power.


But the move of the Democrats on Sunday and Monday represents a new phase in their gutter philosophy. It is bold and does not even pretend to have a semblance of good faith.  

Small businesses that provide jobs for people are dying and corporations that provide many more jobs are teetering. The president is working feverishly to keep us out of a Depression and keep people safe. If the people were not taxed so darn much for stupid projects maybe we would have had enough money saved to weather this kind of storm. While we are at it, why do these jokers in D.C. get to be okay no matter what happens but they can not only hold our lives in their hands but play ball with it?  

Anyone who has any allegiance to Democrats now has a decision to make. For people in my mother’s generation who liked Kennedy but were conservative patriots, they have been long gone from the Democrats. They were written off a long time ago. There is no hiding what the Democratic Party has become. They even shy away from Bill Clinton’s Third Way calling that racist and radical.  

The party of John F. Kennedy died with him in Dealey Plaza. Thank God we have a great president in office so the economy was at a good place when this pandemic struck. If it had not been for him we would be in what would undoubtedly be called a “Greater Depression” than the one we had in the 1930s. Imagine if we had Biden, Obama, or Sanders. The economy would have been in tatters before the virus and they would be shoving even more socialist garbage into relief bills.


People will long remember what the Democrats did, or rather didn’t do, this week.  Those Democratic elitists may think we have short term memories but ordinary people will never forget those who keep food off our table. And we will never forget because they played with our very lives.

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