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President Trump was acquitted by the Senate recently but this, and his upcoming electoral victory in the fall, will do nothing to stop the pure hatred of leftist democrat leaders towards him, his fellow populists and conservatives, and the principles that make America great.

There is a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing.  A time for war, and a time for peace.  As we live in a fallen world, the world is full of sin and evil.  There is no one who is perfect on this side of eternity.  However, by the standards of the Scriptures there are good nations and there are bad nations.   By the standards of Caesar, there are good political philosophies and bad ones.  And there is no denying that the democrat philosophy of 2020 is nothing short of an utterly gutter philosophy.

They defend late-term abortion.  They did not want the war in Iraq but once a Republican president who also did not want the war came along…they would not clap for him.  They wanted infrastructure spending and when a Republican president wants to spend the money for infrastructure they will not work with him to make it happen.  They did not want free trade and yet when Trump got new deals they either would not vote for it or clap for it in the State of the Union even if they did vote for it.

They will keep coming for our guns, which protect our lives, religion, and way of life.  They say you are anti-woman for wanting to save the lives of babies, even in the late-term or after birth. They will call you racist for even imagined slights.  They lied about us being able to keep our own doctor.  They seek to take away our God-given rights of defense and speech because they cannot win a debate in the manner of Lincoln-Douglas.

There has never been a reason for any conservative to support this philosophy or its leaders.   The Democratic Party is so radical now that there is no room for the moderates.  Impeachment exposed this fact.

The Democrats want us to give up our freedoms in favor of government security, government schools, government health care, and a government of laws so increasingly complex that its own officers, agents, and even tax collectors do not know all of the statutes (meanwhile for us ignorance of the law is no defense).  They bash the police with everything they have but want the police to protect them and be the only ones (besides themselves being the well-connected politicians they are) to have the ability to carry concealed.  They cannot even say good things about the American people, comparing them from everything from hillbillies to deplorable. Meanwhile, they believe it's okay for illegals to vote in American elections.  

The acquittal of President Trump is well deserved and further solidifies his chances of re-election in the fall.  However, conservatives and Trump Democrats should not rest on their laurels, either in this election or any generation thereafter.  Freedom must be defended every generation, for the leftist lust for power will never end.  As Reagan said, it is as clear as the law of physics that the greater powers given to the government an equal share of freedom declines.  This does not stop the Democrats; if anything it emboldens them. We must continue to fight with great vigor and tenacity, the same as President Trump has.

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