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In response to anti-Second Amendment measures, that are increasingly likely to be passed by the democrat led Legislature in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell is “pretty sure” he will call for civil disobedience if said legislation is passed and signed by the governor.  


Mr. Falwell has served as President of Liberty University since 2007, succeeding to the Presidency after the passing of his father, Jerry Falwell, Sr.

President Falwell’s comments are welcome by many in the Christian and Conservative communities and may answer the larger question of when individuals on the political center and right will say “enough is enough” when confronted with Constitutional issues.  Such voters said “enough is enough” with the election of the politically incorrect Donald J. Trump to the Presidency of the United States.  However, such citizens have remained remarkably civil and law abiding even when it comes to campus speech codes or even the heinous procedures known as late term abortion and post birth abortion.

Leftists, by their own actions, confirm that one of the largest issues the nation faces is lawlessness.  The left coddles criminals, encourages voting rights for felons, dismisses the death penalty, denies a speedy trial by refusing to send impeachment articles to the Senate, and encouraged sanctuary cities to defy the federal government.  Now they wish to further take away rights of good people, turning the left’s time and scourge against law abiding citizens.  People have had enough and the overall cool, calm, and collected nature of the citizenry up to this point echoes the patience seen in the Book of Job.  But taking away gun rights of citizens may be a bridge too far in terms of personal protection and the generational fight, that Jefferson spoke of, against tyranny.


For those who think civil disobedience over the Second Amendment is a case of crying wolf, it is worth considering a few questions.  In the last 100 years has the government gained more power at the expense of most of the citizenry or less?  For those who gained rights due to the Civil Rights Movement, have their communities benefited since then from the size and scope of the government?  Is government afraid of its citizens or are citizens fearful of the government?  Does government generally give up power back to the citizenry?  Who can threaten sanctions if the other does not behave the way the dominant asks, the citizenry or government?  Who can ruin an individual’s life if they so wish? What politician has the right to tell you to disarm yourself, while the politician has their own security detail that we pay for? Do human beings in power generally lust for more power or less, especially when confronted with other human beings whose same job depends upon power?

The last time the Christian community in America engaged in at large civil disobedience was during the Civil Rights Movement.  Few doubt that such civil disobedience was the morally correct thing to do.  The measures that President Falwell and many others are considering in Virginia, as seen in the passage of 2nd Amendment Sanctuary municipalities, may prove to the birth pangs of a much wider movement.  Mr. Falwell was one of President Trump’s earliest supporters and has remained among the most vocal.  Further, his Liberty University is one of the world’s largest institutions of learning and is one of the nation’s first campuses to allow concealed carry by faculty, staff, and students.  His voice may prove prophetic as the nation further divides and politicians continue to open a Pandora’s Box.


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