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Parents should send their children to conservative Christian institutions of higher education, by incentivizing if necessary. A few recent incidents display why a this type of school is much better than the social justice warrior campuses that dominate most of the country and, increasingly, some historically Christian institutions.


The most recent is when Vice President Mike Pence, on successive weekends, gave commencement addresses at Liberty University and Taylor University.  Dozens of Taylor University students walked out of the speech given by the Vice President of the United States. In 2017, another walkout occurred during the Vice President’s speech at Notre Dame.  More disturbingly, Taylor University faculty members joined the students in this year’s walkout and a majority of the Taylor faculty had voted, in a symbolic motion, to rescind the invitation to the Vice President. No such incident happened at the Liberty University Commencement.

Some may say that is because Liberty is pro Mike Pence but that argument is not valid as Liberty students never booed or walked out from speakers whom the student body, sometimes, vehemently disagreed with to include non-Christian commencement speakers such as Ben Stein, and democrat or leftist leaders as Ted Kennedy, Bernie Sanders, and 2018 Liberty Commencement Speaker Jimmy Carter.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has yet to accept her invitation to speak at Liberty but if she does she will find, despite her pro-choice, anti-Second Amendment, and anti-free market beliefs, a body of polite and studious young men and women.

Another recent incident involved world famous psychologist Jordan Peterson, who came to the Liberty campus in late March to give a talk to the student body in Convocation.  Peterson had been uninvited from several institutions of education and, though not a Christian, Liberty was glad to have him speak.


A young man, who had been invited to attend Peterson’s talk by a Liberty University student, broke down, ran on the stage where Peterson was speaking, and said several times that he needed help.  

If this incident happened at the enlightened “academy” the campus police would have, especially with the University President and Senior Vice President on stage, hauled the individual immediately off stage and put the person to jail.  This did not happen at Liberty.

Instead, Liberty Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development David Nasser asked the campus police not to remove the hurting, crying young man and Liberty University President Jerry Falwell asked Nasser to pray for this dear young man. Nasser laid hands upon the hurting young man, prayed for him, and told the young man that the campus was pulling for him. Many students, verbally and through online platforms, expressed great care and concern for the young man and were glad to know that Nasser later visited the young man in the hospital and told him he would always be a part of the Liberty family, student or not.

A few days after the Jordan Peterson convocation, thousands of Liberty students boarded buses to serve their local community, again demonstrating the teachings of Jesus Christ to their neighbors, whether they were Christian or not.  Over 2,200 students provided two days of free service to the Lynchburg community, in addition to the tens of thousands of hours that Liberty students already provide for free throughout the year.  The free service days have been so successful that Liberty has even expanded the free service days to the Washington, D.C. area, sharing the love of Jesus Christ in our nation's capital.


I wish I had that kind of college experience. Instead, several incidents of leftist intolerance from my undergraduate days stand out in my mind such as when a speaker at my campus said former Black Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver “sold out and became a Republican.”

In another incident a nice young lady matriculated at our institution and was quite strong in her faith.   But, after years of indoctrination at a public college, her parents came to visit her and had the saddest look on their face after hearing their daughter play a prominent role in “The Vagina Monologues.”  Their little girl had turned into a bitter and angry woman who no longer believed the fundamentals of her faith.  Incidents like these happen across the country in higher education; it has been this way for decades.  Parents should take note of this as their kids, and in a larger sense the country, become unrecognizable.

While parents should not have to pay for their child’s education (and my parents did not pay for mine), I will do whatever it takes to incentivize my child to attend an institution such as Liberty.

The atheist and humanist John Dewey education system claims to stand for truth but, since its takeover of higher education, it has not been able to give students an accurate answer of what truth is.  Ironically, students are worse off after attending secular schools (and even some Christian schools) after being given a despondent view of America and of life in general.  Their idea that truth is whatever one wants it to be is not only incorrect but also results in generations of unhappy people.


Though no institution is perfect, most conservative Christian universities hold fast to their beliefs and are much more tolerant than the leftist Academy.  Most importantly, those conservative institutions give their students truth and are not ashamed to stand on it.

Additionally, conservative Christian Universities have paved the way in accredited online and distance education, providing very affordable education to individuals who could not afford to travel or leave their jobs or their families to include military members (even deployed service members), single parents, poorer people, and international students.

When considering college for their children, parents should strongly look into sending their children to a conservative Christian University. It is an eternal investment.  

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