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Often the Good Lord will use something unexpected to bring one to their senses. It happened with me.

As a young child no one ever told me to be pro-life except TV preachers and all I ever heard about them was that they were bad people who swindled money. Even Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon’s Vacation was swindled by a TV preacher.


Almost as bad, it seemed to me, was the few pro-life people I came across as a teenager. They were all adults which automatically made it a negative. Further, they were so eager to share their message it came across as pushy. Who were they to intrude on my childhood with their ideas? Further, some would even show me pictures of the remains after an abortion.

It seemed repulsive to me in more ways than one; repulsive in what happened, but also in showing me the pictures. Treating such pictures and those who showed them with moral equivalence, I turned away from the pictures and went on with my life. I chose to turn away.

Yet God often uses the most unexpected means to bring one home. For me, it was animals. Care for animals is often associated with the left (though most conservatives also care deeply about animal welfare as opposed to the insanity of so called animal rights).

Growing up on the farm we always had an affinity for animals. Animals were often like family and all of us believed in treating animals decently. One day, years later, I left for work. Squirrels, birds, and other animals were often congregating in my yard, and the birds had built some nests on the upper echelons of our porch. I looked forward to the hatching of the bird eggs that were in the nest.


Upon coming home from work, I saw the mother bird chirping with sadness on my steps. I had never heard a bird chirp with such a sad, almost wailing sound. I wondered if, and why, she was in great pain. It was then I saw one of the saddest sights of my life.

A squirrel had broken into her nest, ate through the protective opening of the egg, and started to eat the little baby bird that was inside the egg. The squirrel did not finish eating the baby and ran off.

Upon getting close to the dead baby bird, I looked down on it. He was tiny and defenseless. He never had a chance. Bits of egg, blood, and baby bird were scattered all around him. Then it started raining.

It was a horrible sight, even more so because it was one of our own birds.

In an instant I knew the truth. I had hid the fact that I was wrong about abortion previous to this attack on the bird. No longer could I run away from it. It was the same thing I had seen years before. There was no one around; no social pressure to worry about. It was just us without distraction; the mother bird and I, minus one defenseless baby.

This is what it was like in the abortion clinic. If I would not want to see a panda, an elephant, or a whale aborted, surely could I not anymore support the killing of unborn children? Then the mother went away and it was just me and the baby bird.


In mere seconds the flood of emotions came as strong as the rain, including one of the hardest revelations of all; that one of my greatest sins was wanting to live my own life while turning away from something that was horrible.

Meanwhile, the mother returned to the scene. The rain continued falling as the mama bird cried over her lifeless baby bird.

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