Islamic Terror in the UK

Posted: Aug 15, 2014 12:04 AM
Islamic Terror in the UK

While fires burned at the World Trade Center, Islamists saw fit to murder Ross Parker in the UK. Ross would have been 30 this month.

On September 21, 2001, firefighters still battled flames at the World Trade Center. The spray of water was putting out some of the fires but the waters could have been a metaphor for tears; as also being extinguished were the hopes of rescuing any more survivors from the Islamic attack...Also part of this sad day, Islamists in the United Kingdom decided to kill Ross Parker.

Ross Parker was a small but determined young man. Nicknamed “Half Pint” due to being 5 foot 5 inches tall, Ross worked as a cellerman at a local pub and had completed business studies at his high school. He loved soccer and his dream was to be a police officer, despite his smaller size and having broken his leg twice previously.

Ross must have felt a kinship with the 23 New York City Police Officers, 37 Port Authority Police Officers, three New York State Court Officers, One Secret Service Agent, and one FBI Agent who were killed at the World Trade Center. Indeed, he probably felt for all the victims and wished he could have been there helping to find them. He would never get his chance to serve the people.

Early in the morning on September 21, 2001, Ross was engaged in life and was walking with his girlfriend on a cycle path. They were holding hands and. They were confronted by a Muslim gang; Ahmed Ali Awan, Shaied Nazir, and Sarfraz Ali.

The gang told parker to start running but blocked his path. The thugs sprayed CS (tear) gas in Ross’ face. He was stabbed from behind “three times through the throat and chest.” The weapon was a foot long hunting knife. The Muslims also punched Ross, kicked him, and hit him with a hammer.

His girlfriend ran away to a nearby gas station and found a man who gave his cell phone to her so she could call the police. While making the call, she heard Ross scream. Immediately after she flagged down a passing police vehicle. When the vehicle, with Ross’ girlfriend, reached the scene he was already dead. Ross’ last few minutes on earth were the agony of bleeding to death. He was alone for even his cowardly attackers ran off.

After retreating to the garage behind the home of Nazir’s parents, Awan celebrated by yelling “Cherish the blood.” Police recordings, after the thugs were taken into custody, show that “Nazir discussed how the third knife wound had split Ross’ neck completely open.” Of course, in open court, the Islamists denied having stabbed Ross. They were given bail and released from police custody. Complaints by Ross’ family to the British Home Secretary, David Blunkett, went unanswered.

In December 2002, Shaied Nazir, Sarfraz Ali, and Ahmed Ali Wan were sentenced to life imprisonment, with minimum prison terms that ranged from 16-18 years in jail (the oxymorons of the criminal justice system apparently are at work in the UK just as in America). The families of the murderers made a scene in court when sentence was passed down, claiming their loved ones would never do such a thing. The fourth defendant, Zairaff Mahrad, was acquitted.

September 11, 2001 made the bond between the United States and the United Kingdom even stronger. The World Trade Center attacks was not only the worst terrorist attack in American history but it was the worst terrorist attack in the history of the United Kingdom.

Sixty-seven British subjects were killed on September 11. 10 days later, Ross Parker would join his fellow, fallen British; British who died because of Islamic hatred. Very soon his murderers, motivated by religion, could be free ostensibly because they are supposedly rehabilitated. They come up for parole in 2018 and 2020