Defense Spending Is An Investment

Posted: Mar 29, 2014 12:01 AM
Defense Spending Is An Investment

Leftists have sunk to a new low. They typically try to cut defense spending before and after wars. Now they are cutting defense spending during war.

The military’s primary mission is not just to win wars but also to prevent war. Prevention of war, as well as winning wars overwhelmingly and decisively, saves lives and money. The military cannot do this without an infusion of cash.

There are those who say the military budget is unsustainable. Rubbish. Military spending accounts for such a small portion of the overall budget compared to mandatory spending on social programs; programs that are becoming even larger than their current astronomical levels. Military spending has been reduced overwhelmingly yet such cuts have not brought about the leftist promises that such cuts intended; namely peace and better use of money towards social spending that is supposed to uplift people.

The 1991 Persian Gulf War is an example of how military spending saves lives. The military buildup of the Reagan years was overwhelming and unprecedented in peacetime. Though some defense cuts had been taking place under his successor, George H.W. Bush, the military in the Persian Gulf War was still largely Reagan’s Regiment, while led by Bush’s masterful diplomacy and leadership.

The war was won quickly and decisively. Because of this, fewer people died and less money was spent than if the war dragged on.

There are those who talk of the current conflicts as unconventional wars and believe this is the type of war we will always have. Those who say that are just as guilty as those who argue that we will fight only big, conventional wars, in the future. We will have both types of war in the future and each may last a long time especially the latter. This is all the more reason for more military funding.

Further, with technology becoming faster by the millisecond, we no longer have the luxury of time when the next war arrives in order to build up our forces. Sadly public opinion, inspired by leftist actors, does not allow for the long term wars; wars that would have gone shorter if leftists had given the military the tools they need in the first place.

Also worth considering is what military spending has brought us that has improved our lives and saved money. Computer engineering, nuclear power, stealth, the internet, satellites, cellular technology, and scores of other technologies have their roots in the military.

Iran seeks the nuclear bomb that its friend North Korea has in order to help bring the US to its economic, if not military, knees. There is also the Russian issue. If these threats and concerns are erased others will appear. Meanwhile we are still at war in Afghanistan, and in places yet to be named. We should not be arguing about whether to increase the defense budget, but instead arguing about how much and how quickly to raise it.

Leftists fail to embrace this reality, nor embrace any benefit of increased military funding. They have sunk to a new low. Perhaps this gives new meaning to leftists burying their heads in the sand.

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