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Secretary of State Antony Blinken appears to be compromised in his ability to deal with our adversary Russia, and it's all a result of his craven political activities on behalf of Joe Biden when he was desperate to divert attention from his nefarious and dangerous son just weeks before the 2020 presidential election. 


On April 20, the House Judiciary Committee revealed that former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell was instigated to craft the infamous "Spies Who Lie" memo falsely claiming the infamous Hunter Biden laptop story was actually Russian disinformation after Blinken (then working for the Biden election effort) reached out to him to discuss the growing scandal. 

"In his transcribed interview, Morell testified that on or around October 17, 2020, Blinken served as a senior advisor to the Biden campaign and reached out to him to discuss the Hunter Biden laptop story," according to the committee's recent statement:

That same day, October 17, Blinken also emailed Morell an article published in USA Today alleging that the FBI was examining whether the Hunter Biden laptop was part of a 'disinformation campaign.' The very bottom of the email he sent to Morell included the signature block of Andrew Bates, then-director of rapid response for the Biden campaign.

It was clear that Morell was being charged to craft the narrative on behalf of Blinken and the Biden campaign. Morell dutifully assembled the 51 Intelligence Community alums and fed the "Russian Disinfo" lie to the media, who ate it up like a ravenous hound:

Morell testified that his communication with Blinken was one of a few communications he had with the Biden campaign, explaining that he also received a call from Steve Ricchetti, Chairman of the Biden campaign, following the October 22 debate to thank him for writing the statement.  Morell also explained that the Biden campaign helped to strategize about the public release of the statement. Morell further explained that one of his two goals in releasing the statement was to help then-Vice President Biden in the debate and to assist him in winning the election.


When asked about his role in the campaign propaganda effort, Blinken flatly denied he had any involvement in the letter. 

"With regard to that letter, I didn't — wasn't my idea, didn't ask for it, didn't solicit it. And I think the testimony that the former deputy director of the CIA, Mike Morell, put forward confirms that," Blinken told Fox News journalist Benjamin Hall in an interview. 

And yet, when pressed on whether he would now, at the very least, acknowledge that the laptop is genuine (something The New York Times, the Washington Post and Hunter Biden himself have already acknowledged), Blinken couldn't even do that. 

Blinken is free to "C" his "A" by feigning ignorance and/or lying about this issue, but the problem is he is now America's top diplomat. His job is to deal with foreign countries, including Russia, a nation involved in what is tantamount to a proxy war with the United States. Blinken is not only credibly accused of lying about the origins of the laptop for purely political purposes, but his lie implicated Russia as the criminal culprit behind the story, thus implying Moscow was once again meddling in our presidential election. 

How is Russia supposed to take this man seriously, let alone as a trustworthy counterpart, when he has falsely accused them of planting the laptop to implicate the president's son, especially when Russia knows full well the laptop is genuine, considering some of the most damaging emails in Hunter's account involved payments from Russian politicians?


Blinken, as a diplomat, is compromised. I mean, not nearly as compromised as President Biden, but pretty damn compromised nonetheless. 

Further, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) has revealed that the secretary of state appears to have perjured himself while answering questions about his correspondence with Hunter Biden in the past. 

"He was made aware of the fact that lying to Congress was a crime. He said he had no reason to lie. He had no reason to be truthful. He was not truthful. He did lie," Johnson told Larry Kudlow on Fox Business. "Which calls into question all of his testimony where he denied talking to Hunter Biden or having any knowledge about his workings with Burisma." 

This was when Johnson and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) were investigating the Biden connections to Burisma in Ukraine when Democrats were attempting to impeach President Donald Trump. 

The recourse is for the attorney general to mount a criminal investigation into the matter and press charges against Blinken for perjury, but, of course, in Biden and Garland's corrupt DOJ, that will never happen. So, it's up to House Republicans to follow the only other course of action: Impeachment. 


Sure, sure, they're already busy with the pending impeachment of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, but they can add Blinken to the docket as well. If Speaker Kevin McCarthy is unsure whether he should pursue this path, he should just ask himself: What would Nancy Pelosi do?

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