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Sam Brinton was a shining star of the Biden Administration. The MIT graduate was a deputy in charge of nuclear waste policy in the Energy Department. But more important to the Biden Administration was the fact that he was gender non-binary and cross-dressed to work on a regular basis. 

But to call his attire "cross-dressing" really isn't giving it justice. 

The bald-headed 35-year-old frequently sported a stubbly beard along with bright red lipstick. He wore extravagant gowns and mini-dresses while precariously balancing on platform heels most commonly worn by women whose profession involves an oiled-up pole and cretins like Hunter Biden sliding dollar bills into their panties. 

When Brinton's proclivities were revealed to the public, the collective response from the political left in this country was a chorus of "SLAY QUEEN!"

The rest of us all wondered what kind of vetting process was involved when this person was identified as the most qualified individual to oversee America's nuclear policies. 

"BIGOT!" they screamed at us when we gave the natural side-eye to this obviously disturbed individual. 

It was then revealed that when Mr. Brinton didn't satisfy his fetishistic fantasies by wearing elaborate getups with God-knows-what underneath, he would participate in a kinky ritual involving gay men dressed as dogs who needed to be trained and disciplined. 

When you naturally raised an objection to this person holding on to nuclear policy secrets and representing the American government on the world stage, you were demonized as a homophobe and an intolerant MAGA FASCIST!

"You have a problem," they kept saying. "Try a little tolerance," they kept repeating. "Get thee to a DEI sensitivity training," they demanded!

Sam Brinton is a normal person who deserves not only to be treated with respect but should be honored.

In December, it was revealed that Brinton was a kleptomaniac who frequently stole luggage from the baggage carousel at major American airports. After several days of embarrassing revelations about this criminal behavior in the news, Brinton was dismissed from his duties at the Energy Department. We aren't sure if he lost the job because of his criminal behavior or because he embarrassed the "Inclusion Office" at the White House. 

We know, for sure, that he didn't lose his job for the cross-dressing, stripper-shoe-wearing, doggy-domination kink work that he proudly displayed to the world. No, that stuff was why he got hired in the first place. 

The Biden Administration tried to make this story go away; for the most part, it had. 

Until yesterday. 

A Houston-based African fashion designer is accusing former Biden administration official Sam Brinton of wearing her clothes that were in a piece of luggage reported missing from a Washington, D.C. airport in 2018.

Asya Khamsin, a Tanzanian designer, made the allegation after finding photos of the ex-Department of Energy official wearing her custom pieces.

That's right, Brinton apparently stole an African fashion designer's suitcase in DC in 2018 and has worn the clothes on several occasions while being celebrated by the DC glitterati and media as a "brave" and "important" fashion icon in our new, inclusive federal government. 

In short, Brinton has violated Asyakhamsin, a black woman, in multiple ways. 

He stole her luggage.

He stole her clothes. 

He appropriated her gender. 

He appropriated her culture. 

He stole the praise she was due for designing the very look Brinton was celebrated for. 

And the Biden Administration, champions of inclusivity and diversity, has had nothing to say to this black woman who has been violated by this arrogant, entitled white man who gained fame and fortune as a high-ranking and high-profile member of Biden's government. 

And, still, they will pretend that YOU are the problem. That your objection to this person and the system that allows him to be rewarded over more capable and qualified individuals is nothing short of Klan-like bigotry. 

Let's be clear: YOU are not the problem. 

It shouldn't have to be said, but the cross-dressing, gender-confused, fetishistic doggy-dominatrix who parades in slutty make-up and stripper shoes while stealing luggage filled with African dresses that he wears to his job regulating nuclear waste policy is the problem. And the government that bends over backward to reward and protect him is the problem. 

YOU are not the problem. 

And make no mistake, when Brinton or someone just like him is hired to be your son's third-grade teacher, and you dare to ask whether it's a good idea or not, they will insist, once again, that YOU are the problem, that YOU are a bigot, that you need sensitivity, DEI training. 

You aren't the problem. 

You are normal. And they are not. 


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