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Let's face it. Even the Democrats were surprised Republicans didn't do better in the last midterms. Chuck Schumer staying in control of the US Senate and Kevin McCarthy only having a handful of seats for his majority in the House was interpreted by many as a victory for President Joe Biden. In reality, Joe Biden had little if nothing to do with the midterm elections, evidenced by his almost complete absence from the campaign trail except for a few appearances for his similarly-cognitively-challenged soulmate John Fetterman. But Team Biden, craven political sociopaths that they are, immediately claimed complete and total victory in November, thus setting the stage for his triumphant announcement for re-election.

Indeed, his holiday junket to the US Virgin Islands was reported to be the final strategy session for his big re-election announcement.

If Biden is to run in 2024, he needs to make that clear within the first couple of months of 2023. If he lets his re-election plans hang in the balance much longer than that, he's handcuffing any potential candidates who might want to run in his absence. Putting together a campaign infrastructure, committed donors, and a 50-state election team doesn't happen overnight, and right now, Harris and Newsom and Buttigieg and perennial crazy socialist Bernie Sanders are respectfully waiting in the wings.

Now, let's be clear: Joe Biden running again in 2024 is the last thing most Democrats want. 

Let's face it, it's the last thing they wanted in 2020. But after their disastrous primary season, with all of their favorites dropping out like flies because they weren't ready for prime time (I'm looking at you, Beto and Pocahontas), Biden became the consensus pick everyone literally settled on. The whole country was forced to settle with Joe Biden because his one redeeming quality (we are told) is that he didn't tweet mean things like the bad, orange man.

The plan was pretty clear. Let the tottering old fool live in the White House and play this thing out with Nancy and Chuck doing all the heavy lifting in Congress. All old Joe will have to do is sign the bills put before him and look good in the suit whenever he's called upon to act like a president.

Then after Republicans demolish Democrats in the 2022 midterms, the party elders find a way to get Joe to bow out as a one-term president. He had done his duty by getting rid of Trump and setting the country back on course where it's supposed to be headed…to deep state socialism rewarding the elite few in Washington positioned to benefit from the left's new authoritarianism.

All that changed in November.

Now, Dr. Jill and the handful of true Biden believers actually think he's capable of running for a second term, screwing up Team Obama's grand vision.

So, we hit the second week of January, right when the re-election plan should be forming, and somebody finds classified documents in a closet of Biden's long-forgotten and irrelevant think tank. (Whoever invented the English language never conceived the words "Biden" and "think tank" would be used in the same breath.)

And then, a second wave of classified documents is found, and before you know it, people start expressing very real concerns.

Oh, let's be real, the concerns have nothing to do with the protection of classified documents and state secrets, and the concerns have nothing to do with a craven political animal with his political junkie family grubbing Chinese money every chance they have, thus prostituting our national security for the next big crack binge.

The biggest "concern" with Biden's classified document debacle is that it takes a major weapon that was supposed to be used against Donald Trump away from the left and the Justice Department.

Even those suburban moms who don't like Trump's mean tweets can recognize the hypocrisy and double standards involved with criminalizing President Trump's possession of his presidential documents but giving Biden a pass for doing the same... No, actually, for doing worse. Trump did nothing wrong, keeping his presidential documents in a secured location and engaging in an ongoing dialogue with the National Archives over the disposition of those documents. Biden, on the other hand, had at least two caches of classified documents in two different unsecured locations. 

It isn't really a double standard since Biden's recklessness is palpable and the accusations against Trump are, at best, debatable. 

It's clear that if the left is going to have any ounce of credibility going after Trump for the Mar-a-Lago documents, they have to get rid of the Biden problem, and the easiest way to get rid of the Biden problem is to get rid of Biden.

So are we really witnessing Team Obama cleaning up its Biden mess to make way for its next hand-picked proxy?

Stay tuned.


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