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There's an accident in the Oval Office. Not the kind of accident left on the rug in front of the Resolute Desk on a regular basis by the untrained, rowdy dogs the Biden's sicced on the unwitting White House staff and Secret Service. I'm talking about the man who sits behind the resolute desk for his daily naps. 


Joe Biden is the accidental president. He is the result of an accident of American politics. 

His presidency will not be remembered with an asterisk, as my friend and fellow Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter would say. No, it will be remembered... reviled... as the accident that it was, is and ever shall be. 

He became the Democrats' nominee in 2020 by accident. He shouldn't have even run in the first place. Everyone knows that's true. 

If he was such a great man and gifted leader and our nation couldn't do without him, why didn't he just run for Obama's third term in 2016 as the sitting vice president? This would've been the natural move for such a powerful, important, and wise leader to make. 

But he didn't run in 2016. And did you notice that nobody seemed to notice? Nobody seemed to care. Even Obama sat by and let him languish as the Democrats openly joked about him and Hillary Clinton's henchmen bullied him into officially declaring himself a non-candidate. 

At the time, the adoring and compliant media ran interference by declaring that he couldn't possibly run for office due to the grief over losing his son Beau to cancer. Sure. Yeah. That's what it was all about. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that Biden had become a walking punchline and even then was seen as too old for the job. 


He ended up getting the 2020 nomination because the other choices at the time were Pete Buttegeig, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. 

Biden was the dream nominee given the nightmare of that choice. So it fell into his lap. 

Couple that accident with the very deliberate bastardization of our elections and voting protocols in 2020 under the dubious guise of fear over China's diabolical gift to the world, Covid-19, and boom, we got President Accident. 

It's at this point when so many of my friends and colleagues who oppose this president start to voice some version of "Oh, I feel sorry for Biden" or "Oh, Jill shouldn't let him continue, look how out of it he is" or "He's not really in charge... he's so out of it he's just a puppet."   

Stop. Just stop it. Biden is and always has been a mean-spirited, power-hungry creep. 

You feel sorry for him? Ask the family of Robert Bork, who he slimed, slandered and destroyed during his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court, if they feel sorry for him. 

Ask Clarence Thomas and his family if he feels sorry for him over the attempted character assassination Biden engineered during his hearings.

Ask Sarah Palin over the way he demeaned and degraded her in 2008. Or Paul Ryan in 2012. Or Mitt Romney when Biden declared to a black audience that the GOP nominee wanted to "put them all back in chains." 


Ask all the unborn babies that he now sits back and allows to be extinguished while still publicly grandstanding on his warped vision of something he thinks is the Catholic position on this despicable act. 

Further, ask all the other Catholics in this country who now wrongly believe you can be a Catholic in good standing and your salvation is guaranteed while still supporting and participating in the intrinsically evil act of abortion. By promoting his false teaching on abortion, Biden is leading multitudes of others to damnation because they believe his convoluted nonsense about Catholic teachings. 

Do you think Biden deserves your sympathy? 

I assure you, it's grace he would never extend to you if you oppose him politically. Ever. 

And now, this accident of a president has in just one year watched over one of the most disastrous economic periods of the last American century. 

With skyrocketing inflation, out-of-control government spending, ever-expanding authoritarian controls from our federal government, and an incoherent, unscientific, and incompetent public policy toward the Covid-19 pandemic, Joe Biden's America has reached a depressing and nauseating valley of despair. 


He literally proclaimed this week that certain Americans – the citizens of this country that he serves – are "looking at a winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated – for themselves, their families and the hospitals they'll soon overwhelm."

Joe Biden's presidency has been an awful, terrible accident that we now have to just get through until it can be corrected. At least now, thanks to the great people of West Virginia, the damage from President Accident has been somewhat mitigated, for now. 


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