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They Want to Make It Easier to Cheat

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Texas Democrats are receiving glowing praise in corporate media reports as they flee their state and their responsibility as legislators. "They're saving the republic," we are told, as they literally beg the federal government to throw out any last vestige of federalism as it pertains to states' abilities to conduct elections under their own rules and authority.


"Federal government, please intervene and supersede our state laws" is a hell of a way to "save a republic," but the shills in our corporate-owned propaganda media have never been known for their logic, consistency, or basic constitutional literacy. 

But lost in the duplicitous coverage of the illegal abandonment of these Democrats' duties to their voters, their state constitution, and their oath of office is the actual fact that the election laws Democrats would enable if given the opportunity would have one over-riding result for elections going forward: It would be incredibly easy for people to cheat. It's not even debatable. 

As President Biden attempted to further divide the divided nation he inherited under the guise of promising to unite it, he parrotted perhaps one of the most egregious, dangerous, and despicable political lies of our generation (and that's saying something). In his Philadelphia speech, he said Republicans' attempts at the state level to tighten up laws that currently leave holes for voter fraud were "an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote" in our country. 

And, as has been his way for many decades in elected office, he divided us along racial lines by suggesting that the voter suppression was targeted at Black and Latino voters. "We're facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War," he said (as if Black Americans wouldn't get his race-baiting message without a direct reference to slavery and the civil war his party's forefathers waged on our country in the 19th century). 


Instead of falling into the usual trap of denying our racism and proving we aren't trying to "suppress the vote" by merely asking for a photo ID so we can ensure that the person who is voting is, in fact, the person they claim to be, let's instead put these lying legislators on the defensive for once. 

We shouldn't need to defend basic election security measures that are already in place in the vast majority of democracies on this planet. They should defend their radical, cheating ways. 

Every one of their proposed "voting rights" bills will result in gaping holes in our election fraud protocols, thus making it easier for people to cheat. That's the bottom line. They want it to be easier to cheat in elections. 

Every single demand they are making should be shot through the lens of just one criterion: Will this idea make it easier to cheat? Let's perform an exercise, shall we? 

Now, think about this for a moment... Democrats want wide and ubiquitous mail-in voting without any provision for identity verification for the person who has sent in the ballot. 

Will a law providing for mail-in votes without any identity verification make it easier or harder to cheat? 

They want to make it easier to cheat. 

Here's another one... They want widespread ballot harvesting in every state. 

Any stranger can knock on a door of a voter and gather their mail-in ballot, and then that person (not a government official or even a postal worker) delivers that ballot (or not, who knows) to a polling place. Further, these strangers could be paid political activists from ideological third-party political action groups that have no oversight or any real enforcement mechanism preventing them from collecting absentee ballots and then dumping them in a field somewhere. 


This ballot harvesting disrupts any legitimate chain of custody of ballots as they leave a voter's hand and make their way to the final vote tallying process. Does that make it easier or harder to cheat? 

They want to make it easier to cheat. 

And then there's voter ID. They don't want any significant provision for states to properly identify the person who is voting in person or via the mail as the legitimate voter that person claims to be. The only real way to ensure this is with a photo ID, and they have compared this anti-fraud measure to Democrats' Jim Crow laws from the segregated south. 

Will allowing people to vote without having to prove they are the voter they claim to be, make it easier or harder to cheat? 

They want to make it easier to cheat. 

One more... purging voter rolls. This is the one that made Stacey Abrams a famous Emmy award nominee while she still refuses to accept the results of her failed gubernatorial campaign. 

Los Angeles County has already conceded that its voter rolls are full of over one million people who should not be registered to vote in that county. They've agreed (in a settlement with Judicial Watch) to purge those non-voters from the rolls to avoid an all-out lawsuit. Democrats call this voter suppression. They want to prohibit jurisdictions from routinely clearing names of the deceased or people who have moved away from their voter rolls. 


Will forcing the names of dead people and people who have moved out of voting jurisdictions to remain on voter registration rolls make it easier or harder to cheat?

They want to make it easier to cheat. 

So while they call us racists and confederates and insurrectionists and compare common-sense vote security measures to the Civil War and Jim Crow, let's just smile and respond with one obviously truthful observation: Democrats want to make it easier to cheat. 

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