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With the Democrats' Super Tuesday in our rear-view mirror, let's pause a moment and understand what the next several months are going to look like… and what we can do to win the day. 

First, let me say how thrilled I am to be a Senior Columnist here at Townhall and to have the ability to directly engage with VIP members. Your choice to be in the VIP zone at Townhall proves you're serious about ideas and conservative values and you want to be equipped with the facts and winning arguments to help keep this country heading in the right direction. 

I intend to engage with you on a regular basis to learn what you're most concerned about and to work with you to win the battles you're engaged in at your workplace, your college campus and even at your family dinner table. 

To that end, I invite you to email me with any questions, concerns, or challenges. I'll respond to you personally, and your email might even end up in one of my columns. Drop me a line at

I want to hear about the challenges you get from your liberal co-worker in the cubicle next to you or your crazy, Bernie-loving brother-in-law at your next big family dinner. Tell me about the attacks from your America-hating college professor and your Trump-hating neighbors. I'll help you engage with these folks and give you counter-arguments to their MSNBC talking points.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not suggesting you go pick fights with anyone. I think our country is strongest and healthiest when we aren't constantly obsessed with DC politics and we aren't at each other's throats in a death-battle of ideas. Life should not be like a cable news panel argument. We should spend more time obsessed with our kids' education and how we can help our neighbors, not out-debate them. 

But, the sad fact is, the organized Left in this country have been taught to "get in our faces" with direct actions. They've been trained to inject their socialist political agenda into every facet of our lives. It's why we can't watch an awards show, or a reality show, or a movie or even a football game without liberal politics creeping into the storyline. 


We can no longer win the day if we politely decline to engage in these tussles.  No longer will we stand on our principles as we stand on the sidelines while the Left wins the day without ever facing any substantive opposition. We can't let that happen. America is too important.

I want to hear how you're being insulted on your own Facebook page by a barrage of insulting comments from your old high school friends. I want to hear how you're forced to defend American values and free-market capitalism from the IT guy at work who hangs AOC posters in his cubicle. I want to hear what your kids are regurgitating at the dinner table after their daily indoctrination of socialist pablum at the school you're paying for.

This VIP column at Townhall will be our outlet to answer these attacks with clear, concise and comprehensive arguments chock-full of American principles that have guided our nation since its founding.

We own the winning arguments. We embrace the ideals and values that guided Washington, Madison, and Adams at our founding, instructed Lincoln in our darkest days, inspired Coolidge in resisting progressivism, and girded Reagan in his restoration of our nation from the brink of collapse.

We should not shrink from this challenge just because the Left is well-organized, well-funded and shameless. They pick fights and expect us to cower in the face of their tactics. That bullying won't work. Not anymore. The stakes are too high.

Whether the Democrats choose their natural, spiritual leader Bernie Sanders or if they go with their malleable, easily-controlled dupe Joe Biden, their agenda will be to implement full-on Marxism or a more insidiously creeping "socialist light" agenda. Either way, our country is at a crossroads, and our future as a free nation depends on which direction we choose.

Are you ready for this fight? You're not alone. Not anymore. Email me at and let me know what battles you're engaged in right now. Together, we're going to win this thing.

Larry O'Connor hosts two separate radio programs on WMAL in Washington DC and on KABC in Los Angeles. He has a daily, 30-minute podcast covering U.S. Politics and featuring interviews with newsmakers and pundits on the biggest stories of the day. Subscribe here.


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