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With the warning lights flashing red on the economy, American working families are looking to their elected leaders for relief amid the constant turmoil. Instead of a lifeline, the Biden Administration and its eco-left allies want to push the largest tax hike in a generation. Their purpose? To further force the green agenda into every facet of our lives. 


The green details of the President’s massive $3.5 infrastructure bill are starting to become public and we are beginning to see why the administration wanted to keep it quiet for so long. Tax breaks for green corporations and the wealthy so they can buy Teslas. Forcing electric companies to abandon affordable, reliable energy for power that is at the mercy of the weather. It is a massive cash grab for renewable corporations and environmental special interests. The worst part is that the taxpayers foot the bill, but that’s just one of many costs that come with this legislation. 

Within the infrastructure plan is what Biden is calling his “Clean Electricity Performance Program,” of which the details are dreadfully simple: your electric provider must buy power the way Biden wants, or they face a penalty. By the way, this is exactly the same forced transition that is causing energy costs in Germany to skyrocket. 

It should come as no huge surprise that Biden wants to force your electric company to do business with special interests that poured millions into his campaign, but it should sound an alarm to every working family in the country. The fact he wants to raise taxes so the wealthy can buy a new electric vehicle should sound a second.

Apparently, when Biden says he wants to “Build Back Better,” he must be talking about the Chinese mining industry. That’s exactly who will benefit from tax breaks for electric vehicles. Those pushing this plan either don’t know, or don’t care that it takes 183 pounds of copper for a single battery-powered vehicle. Yet, the President’s administration stepped in to shut down potential copper production in Alaska just last week. Using taxpayer dollars to give massive breaks to the wealthy so they can buy more cars with materials extracted in China is the Biden plan – a more apt name would be the “Build Back Better for Beijing.”


Perhaps the toughest part to swallow is the fact that all of the windfall heading to Biden’s renewable donors and foreign workers will paid for by the largest tax increase in a generation. The Biden Administration needs $2.9 trillion from the taxpayers to ensure their allies get paid. And they want to do it at the very moment America’s working families are already paying so much for the things we need, and the economy is struggling.

August’s disappointing jobs report – only 235,000 jobs added versus an expected 720,000, marking a sharp downturn from the one million added in June and July – was the latest in a series of blows. The post-Labor Day economic acceleration many had hoped for has not yet materialized, leaving too many holding the bag for higher consumer prices and shrinking household budgets. This is the time President Biden feels it is best to raise your taxes and electric bill.

The eco-left will argue that “no cost is too great” to save the environment, but their actions prove otherwise. This summer, as Americans coped with the higher gasoline prices, the Biden Administration begged foreign OPEC members to produce more fossil fuels.  Meanwhile, environmental groups like the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) went silent.  Keep in mind, this is the same far-left group who has said they will not endorse any candidate who doesn’t support their extreme agenda. They claim they want fewer fossil fuels, but their actions prove they only want more political power.


Let’s hope West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin is serious about slowing this boondoggle down. All sides know he’s a key vote deciding how, or if Biden’s green dreams will come true through the infrastructure proposal. One thing's for sure, Biden and his team know he needs a “win” in a big way after a dreadful summer. But while he may view re-making America’s economy in the image of the extreme eco left as a political victory, it is a surefire loser for the rest of us. 


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