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Wisconsin School Board Candidate Posted Picture of Himself Brandishing Knife in Classroom

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A Wisconsin school board candidate appeared to display poor judgment when he posted a picture of himself on Facebook in 2011 brandishing a knife in a Kenosha high school classroom and pointing it towards a girl’s throat, reported.


At this time, the photo still appears on Kyle Flood’s Facebook page.

Flood, who will be one of five candidates on the Kenosha school board primary election ballot February 19, graduated in 2012 from the Kenosha Unified School District. According to his LinkedIn profile, he now works at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside library and says, “I am interested in campaign management as well as running for public office.”

A frequent critic of reform-minded Kenosha Superintendent Dr. Michelle Hancock, Flood’s solution is the typical “smaller class size” rhetoric we hear so often from teacher unions.

Calling himself a “moderate,” Flood also posted a picture of himself with Vice President Joe Biden and “liked” a Youtube video of Kenosha high school students walking out of class in protest of Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining and budget reforms, among other eyebrow-raising videos.


Given the photo he posted on Facebook, it seems odd that Flood would identify with Biden.

The vice president has been tapped by President Obama to come up with solutions to deal with school violence in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings that took the lives of 20 students and 6 school employees.

We wonder what he would say about a school board candidate who brandishes a knife in a public school classroom, even in a playful manner?

Is this the type of leader Kenosha parents want for their school district? They’ll decide Feb. 19.

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