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Wisconsin Poll: Scott Walker, NRA More Popular Than the Teachers Union

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A telephone poll recently conducted on behalf of finds Wisconsin residents think more highly of Gov. Scott Walker’s job performance and the National Rifle Association than they do the state’s largest teachers’ union.


This is interesting given the post-Sandy Hook school tragedy debate about guns in schools.

The NRA has taken a public stance in favor of arming some school personnel.

The two national teachers unions – the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers – quickly opposed that idea.

According to the poll, Wisconsin residents would likely trust the positions of the NRA more than the unions. Fifty percent of poll respondents expressed a positive opinion of the NRA, while only 46 percent said the same of the state’s teachers unions.

The poll also found that Walker enjoys a 55 percent job approval rating (61 percent of self-described independents), which puts him in a strong position to continue his push for education reform. Walker had a 52 percent positive name identification in the poll that had a +7 Democrat respondent identification.


Respondents – by a whopping 61 percent – support expanding the state’s private school voucher program so all Wisconsin students can “attend the public or private, including religious schools, of their choice.”

Similarly, 80 percent of respondents support “using a report card for schools and grading them on a scale of A, B, C, D or F.”

It appears Walker’s values – expanded school choice and greater accountability for government schools – are right in line with the vast majority of Wisconsin voters.

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