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If you want to exponentially increase racism, you could convene a council of renown idiots, morons, and Klan members and come up with a plan, or you could just do what the Democrats are doing right now. The left has decided that racial hatred gives them an advantage, and we are seeing the results. These are not going to be nice results. This is going to increase interracial strife. This is going to increase racial hate, and then the leftists are going to complain about what they’ve done and blame everyone else. But we don’t have to play their game. We can tell the race pimps to pound sand.


We will have to do that a lot. You have the noxious Cori Bush demanding $14 trillion in “reparations” from people who never owned slaves to people who never were slaves. You have informal quota systems in jobs and schools. You have ninnies insisting on segregation. And you have cultural forces joining in a chorus of hatred for people of pallor. But one of America’s greatest achievements was making its majority ethnic group not consider itself an ethnic group at all, meaning that our society was open to advancement by everyone. And these communists are intent on tossing that into the trash without thinking of the consequences of balkanizing our populations. And as someone who served in the Balkans, I can state that we need to not do that.

The latest idiocy is the recent Smollettesque fake race hate crisis involving that pregnant nurse in New York accused of stealing a bike that she paid for from five black young men because a lot of women about to give birth steal from a half-dozen guys. The vid went viral with the usual suspects pronouncing her Bull Connor with a fetus, but the objective evidence is in and she didn’t steal anything. And this time the fraud has backfired. Nobody’s buying it, and even better, she’s got aggressive lawyers out to make the scumbags pay. A bunch of people are going to get sued by her. Good. It’s about time there be some pushback on this kind of race-baiting crap. 


We don’t need it, and we don’t want it. We are normal people, and normal people have nothing to gain for making their country a place where people hate each other because of the color of their skin. But make no mistake – there are leftist politicians and cultural parasites who have a lot to gain from doing just that. Sure, it is short-sighted and stupid and it is destroying the greatest experiment in and racial harmony in human history, but they don’t care because they think they’re going to get a slight short-term advantage ginning up these lies. 

But what they’re likely to get if we don’t put a stop to it is massively increased racial antipathy, and a country where people generally dislike each other on the basis of race. That’s not what normal people want. You know, I’m old enough to remember when people of all races generally got along. And I remember when that started changing. 

If you ask these idiots, they’ll tell you that the situation in America is the worst it’s ever been. I mean, there’s no Democrat-led slavery or Democrat-led Jim Crow anymore, but you know racism is worse even though you can’t see it or touch it or feel it. But it’s there, invisible and structural, which is convenient because invisible and structural racism cannot be disproven by objective evidence. But this kind of nonsense is coming to the end of its shelf life. People are sick of being accused of something that’s simply not true solely because of the color of their skin – or irrespective of it, since you need not be white to embody “white supremacy.” You only need to anger the left. 


And people are particularly tired of the new definition of racism. Racism is when you negatively discriminate against people on the basis of race. The left found that inconvenient, since they love to negatively discriminate against people on the basis of race, so they changed the definition to racism being anything that they don’t like. To them, it’s perfectly OK if you don’t like a particular race, as long as that race is a convenient target within their narrative du jour. 

But I didn’t vote for that definitional change. I know you didn’t vote for it either. We don’t have to accept it. A bunch of faculty lounge losers decided it and somehow it spread into our society like a cancer. And we’re not doing it. It’s not happening. It’s over.

Here’s how you win this fight. You don’t play. When someone talks about “institutional racism,” laugh at them. When somebody tells you that they demand equity, tell them “No.” Equality, sure, but garbage redistribution scams like “equity?” Pffft. 

And when somebody tells you that it’s OK to hate somebody else because of the color of their skin, reject that too. Don’t do it. Don’t accept it. Instead, hold everyone to the highest standards, the same standards. Refuse to change expectations based on the homeland of someone’s great-great-grandpa. The way to end actual racism is to end it. It is not to increase it or enhance it or explain it or justify it or attempt to redefine it into something politically useful for the communists. Refuse to participate in their racial psychodramas. The conservative position must be the position it has always been. We don’t care where your grandfather came from. We only care what you do. It’s right, it’s smart, and that’s the way it’s going to be because normal people understand the essential unfairness of a racial spoils state. We’re not going to do it. We’re not going to participate, and we don’t care what they call us. We don’t care what they say. We don’t care about their lies. It’s over. We’re done with them. And soon today’s race haters will be history just like their Jim Crow antecedents.


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