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Conservatives whose reaction to the banana republic shenanigans of a leftist DA in a leftist city using a ridiculous perversion of the law to take out an enemy of the leftists is anything less than a desire to deal the pain right back are worse than useless. They are a menace. Their channeling of Kevin Bacon in “Animal House” empowers our enemies to ruin our country – and us. If you love the rule of law, if you want to bring back our precious norms and hold to our precious principles, then it’s time to go Full Truman and nuke ‘em ‘til they glow.


I note that Japan hasn’t gotten uppity since we tossed them a couple of hot rocks. And that’s what we need to do to the left.

Mutually assured destruction works. But the “mutual” part is just as important as the “destruction” part. When you don’t make it mutual, when your sissy rectitude reacts to them wrecking you by whimpering about how hypocritical they are, then it’s only us who get destroyed. And that does not work for me.

This is not to say that every red state functionary and Republican federal official needs to start lying and cheating like the Democrats do. That is what the Democrats are doing. I keep wondering why I get all these calls to be the law talking guy on media panels about this New Yor judicial clusterfark because it has nothing to do with law – this is essentially framing Trump. But we don’t need to do that. We do not need to frame them. They are already guilty. The Democrats are a disorganized crime family. They are all corrupt, really corrupt, not “Some money to settle a dizzy tramp’s sex claims got mischaracterized in the books” corrupt. And that makes them vulnerable.

Remember, all those norms and principles they cavalierly pillage are not really there to protect us. We’re not crooks and we have all the guns – nothing to hide and the power to rule. Norms are to protect them. So let’s stop protecting them.


For a long time, we had a norm about trying not to prosecute political opponents even when we could. You beat them at the ballot box. But then they got more brazen, and there was no ambiguity about their crimes. They were actual crimes, and they rubbed them in our face. The Felonia Milhouse von Pantsuit toilet server stuff struck a nerve because so many of us knew what a big deal treating classified materials like her husband treated interns is (or was) – if we had done that, we’d be charged and in some fed pen converting large rocks to tiny ones. But she did not get charged. That looming doofus James Comey invented a new legal requirement for the statute that never existed before and never would exist if it was us. And there’s the First Crackhead buying a gun when he’s a drug addict – again, you know that if we lied on a Form 4473 the AFT would be SWATing us in our cribs. They took the sensible norm of reluctance and mocked us with it.

So, let’s not do that anymore. Let’s not bend over backwards to avoid charging our political enemies with their crimes. And if we have to be creative about the crimes and create novel new theories to ensnare our opponents, so be it. Alvin Bragg was creative. That’s the New Rule. Let’s see how they like being served up a dose of that kind of legal suppository.



Yeah, what rule of law is that?

Our side is always talking about law and order, but we keep getting judicially assaulted and these weakhearts are all about no bail and dismissing the charges. We need to punish our enemies so they learn that if they screw with us, they are getting it back twice as hard. And not just in criminal cases but in all aspects of our political struggle. We have to stop with this ridiculous idea that making your enemy pay is not a viable way of encouraging good behavior. It is the only way.

And some of us have gotten the word. It has seeped through the thick, wussy skulls of some of our GOP leaders that now it is game on. Kevin McCarthy booted Adam Schiff and Fang Fang’s boy toy Toots Swalwell off their committees. He’s got a whole weaponization committee going. They are setting the agenda for the next Republican president’s attorney general.

In Tennessee, when those savages who excused the murder of six Christians invaded the legislature, aided by some Democrat members, these dimsurrectionists found themselves booted off their committee and might get booted out of the body entirely. Oh, they are crying and whining, but hey – the rule is no disrupting the functions of the legislature. Be glad you aren’t locked in a DC dungeon with judges tinkling on your right to a speedy trial. Hey, maybe next time.


In Montana, where fake moderate Jon Tester is running again to be Chuck Schumer’s big sky cabin boy, the legislature is about to pass a jungle primary law to keep out the third parties that helped the crew-cut commie-enabler slip into a red state seat. Oh, the Dems are mad. But they weren’t mad when they enacted a jungle primary law in California. Too bad, so sad. The GOP is finally working the system to maximize our chances of victory instead of trying to be “fair.” “Fair” is for angry teenagers and other losers. “Winning” is for winners.

And in Florida, the Woke Disney Company thought it was really clever jamming through some sweetheart deal with the old regime’s special Disney district that Ron DeSantis eliminated. When that scam came to light, Heavy D did not shrug and let bygones be bygones. He launched a criminal investigation, and I can almost guarantee that one of his bright prosecutors will find a legal theory that will take some of those execs from the Mouse House to the Big House.

I want to see the next GOP DOJ investigating how Nancy Pelosi did so well in the stock market, how Maxine Waters got so rich, how close Ted Lieu and his boy Ed Buck really were. Do we know they committed a crime? Nah, but we know 1) they are all sketchy as hell, and 2) we don’t like them. That’s enough to start the investigatory colonoscopy. And Joe Biden’s indictment writes itself – too bad storing classified documents in your garage just got illegal again, Crusty! Enjoy the New Rules!


Red state prosecutors – particularly their attorneys general – need to start looking closely at the Dems in their blue enclaves. ID the crooks and charge them. Red legislatures also need to stop the Soros prosecutors in these places with legislation that lets governors fire them if they will not do their jobs – DeSantis did that to one Soros stooge already. And they also need to give the governors full pardon powers, including by amending their constitutions – for example, it is utterly unacceptable that in blue Austin a patriot is undergoing a trial for shooting some Antifa scumbag. Gregg Abbot needs the power to end that instantly – and to accept the heat for failing to do so.

Is this the kind of country we always wanted? Nah. I greatly prefer the rule that you are reluctant to jail your political enemies and to use the law to squash your opponents’ ability to compete. But you know what? The Dems decided they wanted different rules. I warned them. I opposed their changes. But no one can deny that the changes happened. We do live in a country where you jail your political enemies and use the law to squash your opponents’ ability to compete. And we will live in such a country right up until the moment that us doing it to them causes them so much pain that they beg us to change the rules back again.

If you really love the norms, you need to burn the norms village to save it.


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