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Let Them Fight

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A bunch of radical transexuals and the weirdos supporting their bizarre demands that we pretend they are not delusional have attacked that well-known conservative outlet, the New York Times, for not pretending hard enough that men can become women (and vice versa). I love blue-on-blue conflict. Let them fight.

I don’t want to be that old guy doing “The kids today…” thing but look at the movies today. Just look at them. Don’t watch them, because they are usually woke and/or stupid. If you are like me and grew up in the 70s and 80s, you truly grew up in the golden age of fun movies. Here are some you might have overlooked, and they are not PC.

The New York Times v. Pretend Gender Changers

It’s glorious when the left attacks its own for insufficient leftism. The NYT, which is garbage, hesitated about the assault on JK Rowling, the wizard writer lady. Seems she believes that girls exist and that makes her the worst person who ever existed until the next one. Anyway, a bunch of commies wrote this letter to the Times attacking it and some of the NYT scribblers joined in.

Then something amazing happened. The NYT responded with a letter to its people telling them it was not going to tolerate its own staff joining outside agitators in attacking the paper and that, further, its people were not to attack fellow employees in social media and elsewhere.

For years, the left has been engaged in a suicide death spiral because institutions refused to use institutional power to keep its own lunatics under control (they never hesitated to us power against us). In the regime media, they just let these freaks run rampant. Remember when the Times fired an editor for running a Tom Cotton piece on using the military to crush rioters (as subject near and dear to my heart after I helped, in a small way, to crush the LA Riots in 1992)? And pretty much every college administrator has gone fully supine at the demands of the multi-colored hair mutants on campus. They had institutional power – the media could fire people, and the schools could expel them – but they refused to use it.

Maybe that has changed. 

It’s not that these institutions will become conservative that makes this awesome. They will still hate us. It is because this will make the fights even bloodier because the stakes will rise. Let them fight. Let them destroy themselves. Then we will sweep in and build something upon the ashes that does not suck.

Where Are The Good Movies?

There’s another Marvel movie out and I don’t care. There are some other ones out that center on feelings and oppression and people like me are no doubt the villains. You know, patriots who know which bathroom to use? There are designated heroes today, and you aren’t one. Nor can you make one a bad guy. This is also applies to the Chi Coms. Peter Thiel pointed out something interesting in his recent interview with Hugh Hewitt. There has not been a major Hollywood movie where the communist Chinese have been the bad guy since 1997. That’s like Hitler coming to power in 1933 and in 1959 there’s still no movie about the Bavarian house-painting scuzz being bad. The villains in “Casablanca” would probably be white supremacists – different white supremacists – who refused to center equity, diversity and inclusion in the distribution of letters of transit. And in the competing song scene, they would have all sang Cardi B’s “WAP.”

I spend a lot of time flipping through my 100 cable movie channels looking for something I want to watch, and there’s rarely anything that I want to watch. This makes our at-home nights miserable. Nothing is on cable, and my other option is to spend $19.95 renting some movie about how so-and-so is oppressed and has feels.

Ugh, I hate everything.

Well, not everything. We all know there are some classics, but there are also some old-school flicks that people forget and that are worth your time. Let me throw out a few action-packed blasts from the past you can probably find out there online if you look, and all of them resonate with us politically. None of them center equity.

The Killer Elite (1975): Jimmie Caan and Bobbie Duval as mercenaries fighting it out with machine guns in 70s Frisco after betrayal by the CIA as directed by Sam Peckinpah? Oh, hell yeah. Take that, Deep State. Do not bother with the trash reboot.

Three Days of the Condor (1975): Love this flick because the libs used to hate the Deep State as much as we do now. The CIA chases Robert Redford around New York. Redford also ties up Faye Dunaway, if you are into that scene. And take that, Deep State.

Assault On Precinct 13 (1976): John Carpenter’s Rio Bravo tribute where cops and cons (convicts, but they seem pretty conservative) battle it out with faceless gangbangers. You will never complain about your messed up ice cream cone order again. Another trash reboot to avoid.

The Getaway (1972): More Sam Peckinpah, except this time cool Steve McQueen and hot Ali McGraw are on the run across Texas from a corrupt establishment. The 12-guage gun store scene provides a powerful rejection of gun purchase waiting periods. And this too has a crappy reboot you must avoid, though Alec Baldwin is convincing in the role of a guy who shoots people.

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