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This balloon business is not merely a tactical nightmare but a disgraceful and shameful submission to our enemies. As such, it is pretty much business as usual for these losers in Washington.

Libertarians are mad at conservatives for trying to keep sick people from carving up their bodies to conform to their delusions. Cry harder.

Biden Shows His Belly To The Top Dog

Just when you think that Joe Biden and the regime minions cannot disgrace themselves any further comes the Chi Com balloon fiasco. One might think that a president, regardless of party, would take seriously the duty to defend our sovereign territory, but then a glance at what was once (under Trump) our southern border will dispel that notion. They will never protect us. They will never defend us. They will always roll over to foreigners. At least until the enemy has finished and the balloon has crossed the USA’s airspace.

It goes without saying that the balloon should have been zapped the moment it strayed into our sacred sky. That generals in the Pentagon create elaborate rationales for why we should have to sit on the ground watching an enemy vessel float over our territory, mocking us, is further evidence of how far the US military has fallen. Trans awareness – yes! Secured airspace – well, um, er, uh.

Immediately, there were the anonymous leaks that this is not the first time, that it happened under Trump, which his national security folks – even the ones who hate him –  deny. It’s possible it has happened before and the military just never mentioned it. What a fiasco.

It's not merely the intelligence it was gathering. Those dismissing it as no big deal are wrong – the reds would not be doing it if it was not of value. But the technical intel is only one aspect, and maybe not even the main purpose. I think the real reason it is there is to rub our faces in the impotence of our garbage president and his be-medaled lackeys across the Potomac.


Opposing Mutilation Is Conservative 

Here’s a tip…when you graduate from the University of College and decide to enter the political punditry world, stop chugging the libertarian spiked punch and sober up. Raw libertarianism is annoying and embarrassing. It compels you to take ridiculous positions in the service of a principle that is barely coherent and leads to the most bizarre of results. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of libertarianism here and there, in the sense that our default mode should be not regulating the activities of citizens. But default is not “all the time.” In practice, the idea that the government should not exercise power over individuals ignores the fact that someone is going to be exercising power, and a lot of the time I would prefer having a say in it. 

In a free country, we do that by having a vote to elect political leaders who exercise political power. But unelected tech and other corporate jerks now presume to rule us. I am just as oppressed when a cop keeps me from speaking freely as when some faceless Bay Area communist at Facebook keeps me from speaking freely, and I am precisely as concerned about Zuckerberg’s property rights as he is about my free speech rights.

Too often, libertarianism is some dork at Reason magazine getting mad because we refuse to let other people push us around like pure little libertarians. Their conception of liberty simply changes our masters from government (where at least we can have a say) to corporations, where we can’t. Note how nothing ever limits their ability to look out for the corporations’ interests? 

The basic sophomore understanding of libertarianism, which often continues far longer than the second year of school, is that nothing should be banned if it doesn’t hurt someone else. So, it’s open season on pot and perversion, though if you wander the streets of any city you will inhale more than a whiff of burning hemp and see plenty of liberated, broken “sex workers” enjoying the blessings of liberty. You’ll also see a bunch of weirdos using their libertarian liberty to try and have sex with your kids, or at least to walk in on them as they change in locker rooms. Their grubby lifestyles make our world garbage, and that hurts me – not that I buy the libertarian construction, but it fails on its own terms.

And then there is mutilation designed to shape human beings into a horrifying simulacrum of the gender they have come to believe – falsely – they are. Sometimes, only sometimes, they will distinguish between kids and adults, barring these savage surgeries on minors until they reach the age of majority but then allowing it freely.


How does this hurt others, the junior libertarian asks. Wrong question. It's inhuman and monstrous and we are not going to do it. At the outset, like all the other pathologies the libertarians wish to excuse, this cruelty does hurt others. It turns our society, which we normal people have to live in, into the freakshow ours is today. I reserve my right to determine my culture. I will not have it imposed upon me by multi-hued-haired Marxists and the rest of the weirdoes, losers, and mutations who have such an out-sized say in society today.

But beyond that, it is wrong to let people abuse themselves this way. To cut themselves, to slice off healthy parts, to ruin their God-given bodies – we cannot and we will not stand by and wash our hands of the responsibility we have to keep damaged, vulnerable people from making this irreparable error. That’s not being good; that’s abdicating good.

If keeping someone from cutting off his penis so as to better pretend he is a girl is oppression, so be it. We will oppress these vulnerable, disordered people all day long by not letting them hurt themselves. And you know, many will end up thanking us down the road when the horrible delusion that drives them to despair clears. But some will not and that is fine. We can live with that. If the worst thing someone says about me is that I refused to let him castrate himself, fine. Opposing mutilation is conservative, and the libertarians should feel free to grow the hell up.

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