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Back in the day, Democrats reacted to the Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board of Education decision requiring that they respect all Americans’ civil liberties with fury and a petulant campaign of massive resistance. What is old is new again – the Democrat Party is back in form, furious that SCOTUS will not let them steal our rights. This time it is gun rights. The Bruen decision made it clear that blue states cannot deny your right to keep and bear arms on a whim. And the libs have gone into overdrive to undermine it.


This is all coming as Regnery (affiliated with Townhall and my own publisher) has just put out the extremely useful tome “In Defense of the Second Amendment” by gun guru and ultra-prolific novelist Larry Correia. If you want to detail the background and basis for this most vital of all rights, get it. After all, you don’t have any rights if you cannot enforce them with a rifle. 

Look at Britain – and weep. They disarmed because guns are uncivilized and now they get arrested for mean tweets. A disarmed people is a population of serfs. Libs whine that patriots think a gun makes you a man. It does, because as a man your duty is to protect your own and destroy those who threaten you, and that takes guns. 

Larry knows the score, but my favorite part is his brutal takedown of Chardonnay Shannon Watts, the “Moms Demand” figurehead who tried to mobilize bored, unfulfilled housewives to disarm their husbands. If men are what the moms demanded, good luck. Any man who would ditch his ability to protect his wife and kids because the neurotic harpy he married wants him to prove his love by emasculating himself deserves the contempt the rest of us hold him in.

Assuming “him” is even his pronoun.

Bruen should have been the last word, but we all knew it would not be. The left whines a good game about “Our Democracy” and “norms” but the rules only apply to us, never them – itself another reason to have an AR15 in the gun safe ready for when the norm-busting gets too extreme. Democrat states like New York and New Jersey immediately began the same kind of passive aggressive bullSchiff that their Democrat brethren in the South began when they were told they could not send black folks to the back of the bus anymore. Sure, you can get a carry permit – after we make you jump through every hoops we can manufacture and even assess your “character” by searching your social media for thought crimes – but we are going to so limit your ability to carry that to have a permit will be meaningless. Of course, Bruen foresaw and forewarned them about these cheesy antics, noting that laws effectively labeling everywhere a “sensitive area” where you cannot carry is not going to fly. They did it anyway. After all, only Republicans are expected to respect SCOTUS decisions.


So, what we will see is litigation, tons of litigation, and it is already underway. It will be slow and obnoxious, with all sorts of chicken scratch ploys to discourage citizens from exercising their God-given right not to be a victim. They know it takes time and money to challenge even the most obviously unconstitutional laws. They also know that the Supreme Court cannot take every case, and that it needs the lower courts to plow through the vast majority of them. It is a deeply cynical – and for Democrats, traditional – play. 

But we will not rest. We will not waver. And we will not be disarmed. Remember that most of these fights are going on in a very few states. Most states already had “shall issue” concealed carry laws, and now 25 – fully half the states – have some form of constitutional carry. That means the Constitution is your permit. This should be across all states, and it will be someday. 

In Illinois, they are trying to ban common weapons. Most sheriffs refuse to enforce these unconstitutional laws, and it is hilarious to see the party of sanctuary cities and open borders whining about not slavishly obeying laws we don’t like. New rules, jerks. Seethe more.

We are winning. That you, a citizen, are able to defend yourself and your family from criminals and aspiring tyrants, drives them to distraction. Why? Because they side with the criminals. And they are the aspiring tyrants. Just the other day, our desiccated husk of an alleged president once again threatened to unleash the F15s on us patriots – someone ought to remind him of the Vietnam War, since he somehow missed it.


You will never use your gun in a crime. You will never use it to rob or rape, to steal property or freedom. But it is your guns they target, and only your guns. Do they enforce these gun laws in the Democrat cities? Nope. Do they enforce them when it is a prominent Democrat’s son? Get real. Will they enforce them on you even on the flimsiest of technicalities? Hell yes. They just tried to make millions of you with pistol braces felons by executive decree.

They hate you, and they hate the fact that you have the dignity of citizenship – something you can only have when you have the means to defend your property, life, and freedom. Do you think you will be safer disarmed, with all the criminals set loose by the same people who want you defenseless? Do you think you will be freer disarmed, with all the guns in the hands of the same people who arrested moms in parks and surfers at sea during the pandemic? 

Yeah, sure, that’s about as believable as Ilhan Omar’s marriage certificate.

Our enemies will cry and scream, resist and fight, but we will march through the courts and beat them into submission. They failed to deny black Americans their rights yesterday, and they will fail to deny all Americans their Second Amendment rights today.

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