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Look at my hair! This is a tribute to Boris Johnson, who got fired today. He resigned and is not leaving for like three months. I don't know how that works, but what's the deal with Boris Johnson? Why am I talking about a boring subject like that guy? Well, because Boris Johnson, the British "conservative," is pretty much an American liberal. He believes in the global warming cult. He believes in bizarre transgender stuff. He likes Covid lockdowns – of course, not for him. No, he and his pals are partying at 10 Downing Street while everyone else was locked down. And, of course, the British people saw that and didn't like it very much. And I can't really blame them; it's kind of a jerk move to be out there popping champagne corks with your buddies while the peasants are sweating it out in their homes. He's gone. And I think that's good. I think it's good because there's something called "accountability" out there. But there's no accountability here. Where's the accountability for President Gumby? Now, there are some Democrats who are kind of hinting and tiptoeing around the fact he's a senile, old man who has no business being president of anything, much less the United States. 

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