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Nothing generates hilarious cries of anguish from our enemies like hearing from a SCOTUS that actually reads the Constitution. And sometimes you just want to print out and frame their whining because it so perfectly encapsulates just how ridiculous our opponents are. For example, Chris Murphy, who is only the second most annoying senator from Connecticut because he is not the Nutmeg State senator who claimed to have personally defeated the Tet Offensive despite never setting foot in ‘Nam, tweeted the following on July 1, 2022, apparently on purpose:


“Republican Senators on Twitter today admitting that their strategy was to pack the courts with political conservatives in order to enact an agenda that was too unpopular to pass through an elected, popularly accountable Congress.”

Read it. Savor it. Marvel at it. It is quite remarkable, but it is not unique. It is right in line with the current Democrat narrative memo that was issued following the repeated pummeling given to their stupid hopes and commie dreams thanks to the visionary appointments of President Donald J. Trump.

Let’s break this down, and remember – it’s okay to laugh at their frustration and impotence.

The Republicans admit to having a plan to take over the Supreme Court. Well, yes. That is what political parties do – they have plans to take over the institutions of government and wield the resulting power. They do this on purpose. Intentionally even.

In fact, this is something we Republicans have been working toward for 50 years, since a bare SCOTUS majority decided that it was open season on babies and that we mere citizens had no say in it at all. Now, I have been informed very frequently of late that OUR DEMOCRACY is in grave danger, apparently from the threat of unarmed dudes who dress like a Viking sasquatch. Isn’t this democracy? We elect people who then nominate and confirm judges who then rule. I thought that was how it was supposed to happen, but apparently not.


And I am curious why not. If I were cynical, which I am, I might think that people like Murphy believe in the pinko ratchet theory where America can only move left, but never again right, and since I am aware of what time it is, I am cynical and so I do think that. Murphy’s mad because we used the processes and procedures of the Constitution to get our way, and that riles him up good. And our doing so – despite all the toobining over OUR DEMOCRACY – is inherently illegitimate because we do not subscribe to his commie ideology.

Now, if I was interested in making an argument, which I am not, I might ask “Okay Chrissy, how then is the proper way for Republicans to go about making the changes they desire?” But I would get back verbal mush because, of course, there is no proper way for Republicans to go about making the changes they desire because everything we do is inherently improper. This is why I am not interested in making an argument. Their currency, as they have demonstrated, is power, and therefore I am only interested in figuratively beating their brains out again and again and again like in the last week of the recent Supreme Court term. This is the only rational course of action since they don’t want to govern; they want to consolidate power, and you’re not going to talk them out of it by offering bourgeois stuff like facts and law. My new book We’ll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America puts it this way:


“This elite ideology that rejected objective truth in favor of the unprincipled pursuit of power meant that even though its adherents had taken society’s helm, no one was bothering to look where they were steering the ship. Instead, they became obsessed with quelling the mutinies of the crew that actually kept America afloat. We were, and are today, adrift, if not actually sinking. The iceberg is right ahead.”

Murphy uses the term “pack the courts,” but the term “court packing” refers not to winning seats the way our Constitution provides but by expanding the number of seats so more fellow travelers can be appointed and thereby create a majority. He knows that – everyone knows that – but he thinks it’s clever to lie by redefining the term. What it really is is damaging to our system because it is dishonest and it makes reasoning and debate impossible. Without reason and debate, then the real currency is power and after the last few weeks maybe he ought to have learned that reason and debate is not there to protect the strong – us – but the weak.

Wait, he thinks he and his side are still strong, that they are still in the saddle and holding the reins! Oh, this is going to be fun.

Note that next he is warning that we political conservatives are seeking to fill the Supreme Court “with political conservatives.” What should we fill it with? Liberals? What should he fill it with, given the chance, which he will not have for a long time thanks to video of allies dropping off C17s and $7 gas? Conservatives? How does this work?


And the cherry on top is his claim that we are doing this “in order to enact an agenda that was too unpopular to pass through an elected, popularly accountable Congress.”

Wait, didn’t Roe and Casey strip the state legislatures of their power over baby killing, while Dobbs gave it back? Didn’t the EPA case tell bureaucrats that they do not get to make major policy decisions – Congress must make those? That would be “an elected, popularly accountable Congress,” if you are wondering.

If you are looking for coherence, keep looking. If you want consistency, keep wanting. The Democrats are losing in every governmental arena – executive, legislative and judicial – and they are not going to be limited in their hysterical, girlish pouting by bourgeois concepts like coherence. They want their power back, and they can’t have it. Let them cry – but don’t let up. Keep crushing them.

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