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We should understand that the Dobbs abortion decision may have deeply upset some people, and in this difficult time for them we should acknowledge their pain and do everything we can to make it much, much worse. The pro-abort weirdos, losers, and mutations – as well as terrible Twitter lawyers – are mad because they can’t freely kill babies everywhere anymore, and they should feel bad. They are bad people whose moral illiteracy cannot be cured by reason so it has to be sufficient that they experience pain. This is the only way they will learn.


Get gloatin’, people. 

And we have much to gloat about lately. We are winning, winning the war a lot of weak-hearts did not really want to fight. Hi, David French, you putz – if you had your way and Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit had won in place of the guy with the mean tweets, instead of abortion being restricted it would be subsidized and probably mandatory until puberty. You bet we should be smug and insufferable in victory, especially because so many people in our corner (or allegedly in our corner – ahoy, you cruise ship conservative saps!) are always so eager to declare us defeated and that the war for America’s collective soul has been definitively lost. 

We have gotten too used to decline, too used to not winning, and the establishment is perfectly comfortable with that. In my new non-fiction book We’ll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America, I sketch out the problem:

“There is a sense in our country that we are too far gone, that we cannot go back to something like normal. The last two decades have been anything but normal, a nonstop barrage of terrorism, economic collapse, political battling, cultural warfare, and pandemic insanity.

It was not one black swan but a flock of them. Biden was supposed to make things normal again, but he hasn’t. He can’t. And he doesn’t want to. His handlers need us impoverished so we need them. They need us divided, so they can leverage Group A against Group B. They need a crisis—the flu, the weather, an insurrection!—so we cannot think and cannot debate and cannot stop them from solving the crisis by doing what they always wanted to do anyway. Our freedom shrinks. Our prosperity shrinks. Our anger grows.


Change must come, as this is unsustainable.”

And the time of the changing is here. 

So gloat about our victory, about the victory for what’s right, so that our enemies not only fully understand that they are on the side of the suck but that we are going to utterly defeat them. All their dreams of faculty lounge fascism will die, but it is not enough that we merely defeat them. We must make the rubble bounce. This macro-pathology masquerading as an ideology must be so completely repudiated that it can never raise its hideous head again. 

Infanticide, wokeness, Marxism, the climate hoax – they are all just colors of the rainbow of evil, tenets of a pagan religion that fills the void in their souls where God should be. Invertebrate sissies insist that we should temper our joy, that we should not rub their smug, scowling faces in their defeat, but no. That is misguided sissy-talk from the losers whose spineless refusal to confront evil before it infected every institution allowed the disease to spread to the point where tattooed manatees with blue hair and piercings are out in public shouting their abortions, reveling in the blood of babies in what amounts to these people living out their daddy issues on a societal level. 

They’ll show us, they’ll show all of us, by celebrating their transgression and the degradation that goes along with it. It’s not just trying to shock us by embracing the slaughter of the innocents. The same phenomenon is apparent when some carnival attraction goes on Tik Tok to explain how xe loves to tell the kindergarteners in xe’s classroom about xe’s non-binary femmequeer butch-tendency identity. And that’s just the ones who are not trying to outright diddle the kiddies.


We have a whole segment of society that acts like Biden kids, punishing society/daddy by descending into drugs and perversion – and some components of society are A-OK with the figurative inappropriate showers part.

This is no time to go wobbly, to doubt our own rightness and therefore fail to forthrightly celebrate our recent victories over Moloch.

We worked for fifty years, through the processes of Muh Democracy mind you, to build a Supreme Court majority that would repudiate the destruction of our freedom and the embrace of atrocities like free-wheeling abortion. And we should not apologize for having succeeded. We should not downplay it. We should not act like we have something to be ashamed of because we’re triumphing.

Gloat. Get in their faces and make them know they and their garbage fetishes are going into the recycling bin o’ history. Here’s how it is, progs…

We win, you lose.

You do not get to kill babies.

We keep our guns, and we will carry them around.

We are not giving up our SUVs or smoked brisket to please some frigid Santa Monica cat lady’s angry weather goddess.

We are going to run our schools our way, with no commie nonsense or gender studies weirdness.

And there is not a damn thing these ridiculous whiners can do about it.

They must learn that they have lost. So get gloatin'.

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