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What got us here, to this sad and sorry state, is that we were polite for too long. In a misguided sense of misplaced kindness we failed to call it as we saw it. Stupid people, deluded people, and/or malicious people all confronted us with their stupid, deluded and/or malicious nonsense, and instead of telling them to cut the Schiff, we smiled and tolerated it. Now we got dudes setting records in women’s sports, roving bands of mouth thong vigilantes pestering those of us who exercise facial freedom, and communists who have decided that racism is cool as long as it’s useful to their agenda. We should have told them “No” the first time they opened their yaps.


But Americans are friendly. We don’t like to give offense. We want to live and let live. But we should not have lived and let lived when confronted by these freaks. We should have lived and let these weirdos, losers and mutations have it with both barrels. 

Now we have to clean up the mess that has resulted from refusing to set sane limits on what we would tolerate. We allowed them to exploit our indulgence. As a result, our indulgence was totally exploited and our culture is being driven full-speed into a wall.

We need to be intolerant of stupidity, intolerant of delusions, and intolerant of those who want to change our country into a giant college run by the kind of people you avoided when you walked across campus.

When the first dude approached us and announced that he was now Gladys, our society defaulted to kindness. Someone who is suffering gender dysphoria does not need to have more pain heaped upon him or her, and we had no desire as a society to compound that pain. But tolerating this confusion was not enough. The demand became to celebrate it and to pretend it was real. But it’s not real. A man can never menstruate or give birth or ask for directions. A woman cannot be a father or (generally) carry 120 pounds of weapons and gear or fully appreciate The Dirty Dozen. These are facts, these are written, these are science, damnit. And we believe in science.


But when the first requirement that we use some bizarre and silly pronoun to acknowledge a fake gender identity was issued, we should have laughed in his or her – because there is only his or her – face. Charitably, it is delusional. No one is “two spirit” or “genderqueer” or some other ridiculous label. Male, female, done. But if it is not merely delusional, it is stupid, because – again – the whole science thing. You are one or the other. Unhappy? Take it up with God, who is male.

Even worse, there are those who may be delusional and/or stupid, but who are also evil in that they seek to undermine the foundations of society in pursuit of some neo-Marxist hell-topia. Old school Marxists would have none of this, but the new ones are more cunning. If they can break down the family, they break down the final defense against the left’s total power. And the elimination of binary sex distinctions turns the family into a morass of chaos and confusion. Along with the welfare state, you have a two-pronged attack on our culture’s last redoubt.

But by not pushing back from the beginning, we let it happen. The little nibbling at the edges of reality was easy to excuse – gosh, what’s the harm in calling Janie “Johnny” if she, I mean he, asks us to? But it snowballs until it becomes a requirement, enforced by the entire establishment. That includes alleged conservatives, who can never submit too abjectly, with spineless establishment simps, such as the sorry David French making the conservative case for drag queen indoctrination of our kids.


We should have laughed in their faces and called them by their true names.

So when the pandemic panic became a joke, people still treated the mask militia as if they were merely misguided instead of Chardonnay-soaked fascists habilitating us to submission in the form of showing our papers and wearing our muzzles. They don’t want what’s best for us. They want what’s best for them, and that is to exercise power over normal people and compel our obedience. We should have laughed in their faces and told them what they could go mask.

And the race hustlers leveraged our natural disdain for actual bigotry to impose a complex system of academic horse-hockey that inevitably comes out to your being evil and having a moral obligation to give up freedom and money to the left. You do have to hand it to the people who pronounced colorblindness to be racist. They are amazingly immune from hypocrisy, especially in the way they apply their CRT dogma in an absolutely colorblind way. Anyone can be a white supremacist, regardless of color, ethnicity, or creed! That includes black people like Justice Clarence Thomas and Larry Elder. It’s a weird twist on Dr. King’s advocacy that they ended up judging others based upon the content of their character. If you have some character, these communists hate you regardless of your skin tone.


We should have laughed at them the first time these freaks tried to foist this garbage on our kids in schools or used it to justify crime and social pathologies. But we didn’t. We wanted to bend over backward to avoid even the potential association with actual racism. Our enemies knew that, so they lied about us knowing we would be repelled.

It's time to wake up to the fact that it’s all lies. And people are waking up, at least the normal ones. The soft suburban sissies whose spines were surgically removed in college won’t, but normal people will. The weirdos, losers, and mutations who demand our obeisance have pushed it too far. The backlash is underway. It started with fighting the CRT and COVID crap in Virginia. It will get to the gender nonsense soon enough. The strategic problem for the weirdos, losers, and mutations is that they lack actual combat power – they can’t make us do anything. Oh, they can cancel here and there, but their success requires our acquiescence. And the polls show we’re no longer giving it. Look at what the polls say about our Latinx citizens. First, they hate “Latinx.” Second, they are split 50/50 Republican and Democrat. They were supposed to be the key to perpetual Democrat rule, replacing those icky, sweaty, cisgendery working-class brutes. But the Democrats never actually bothered to meet any actual Hispanics. Did they imagine that Hispanics would buy into their sons morphing into daughters, or BLM running rampant, or the economic chaos imposed on working folks by the Door Dash gentry in the wake of the virus? 


Big mistake. Now comes the cultural counter-attack. In 2022, we will elect – at every level – politicians with a clear set of instructions. Put a stop to this nonsense. And the GOP better listen, because we will mercilessly reject and replace any politician who would tolerate instead of terminate the leftist cultural onslaught.

Oh, they will cry. They will appeal, again, to our better natures. We’re going to hear how we are mean, how we are racist, sexist, transphobic and whatever. And we won’t care. They lost their benefit of the doubt privileges when they decided they would push beyond a mere polite request for tolerance – which we were happy to grant – to a demand for control over us. 

No dice, weirdos, losers, and mutations. We’re no longer interested in tolerating your crap. You had a chance to be cool. You blew it. Now get the hell out of our faces.

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