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Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

The line of polite big-rig drivers crossing Canada in protest over the maple leaf mandate Marxism imposed by the ridiculous Justin Trudeau is a welcome sign of the workin’ class revolt to come. The courteous Canadians outside of its noxious elite, a caste that rivals our own useless elite in terms of unearned self-satisfaction, have discovered something. They make their country happen. It’s not diversity enforcers who feed the Great White North. It’s not regime journalists who fuel it. And it’s certainly not genderqueer-affirming professors who defend it.


The working class is getting sick of this Schiff, and it is starting to push back. And this will happened here in America too. How it ends is unclear, but my money is on the guys who can do push-ups.

Understand that “Democracy” means, to our garbage ruling class, rule by the ruling class with no annoying input from the people who actually make America work. The Democrat Party, once the party of the workin’ man, is now the party of tech zillionaires, college professors, welfare cheats, and sexually unsatisfied liberal wine women. The workin’ class was not merely abandoned by the Dems. It was thrown out of the party. Their love of family and country was both embarrassing to our overlords as uncouth and as humiliating as well. The workin’ class believes in traditional manhood – they can do the aforementioned push-ups – while our elite rejects the concept of traditional manhood in favor of a neutered weakness masquerading as gender enlightenment. Real men are scary and none will ever get pregnant. Eek! Why, those brutes even have guns!

When you see the moistened likes of David French mewling about how today’s conservatives – now the home of the workin’ man – are big hairy meanies who mock libs for being sissies, understand that this whining is because the libs know that they are sissies. They won’t admit it, but they are – properly – ashamed. And so are their wives, who drown their sorrows over being trapped with weak pseudo-men in goblets of screw-top Trader Joe’s chardonnay and by reading the books by Ibram X. Kendi and whoever wrote that Fifty Shades crap.


“But Kurt, you’re a noted LA trial lawyer who refuses to go anywhere where there’s not someone ready to serve you a glass of bespoke cabernet and hardly one of the mavens of the wrench turning set! Many of you con blue checks cheering on the workin’ class don’t break a sweat when you work!”

An interesting and superficially intriguing point, which misses the bigger one. Leaving aside that my first job was slopping out toilets in a Carl’s, Jr., restaurant, followed by one slopping out toilets in a basic training barracks, support for the workin’ class is not limited to those who turn wrenches. It’s not actually about wrenches at all. It is about something bigger. The main workin’ class concern today is no longer jobs and economic benefits. It is our culture, and you don’t have to sweat for a living for that to be your number one priority. The elite has put our families and our country at profound risk. Today, you need not be a card-carrying member of the workin’ class to sympathize. All of us share the fight against globalist elitist smiley-face dictatorship.

If you object to the name, you just can call us patriots.

But the real problem for the elite is that the actual workin’-class folks, who are usually busy workin’, are getting activated by the myriad assaults upon them made by our elite. It takes a lot to activate them politically. Look at those Canadian truckers. They would rather be trucking. Taking time off for protests – usually the province of parent-supported brats – costs them money they need. But now they have no choice but to stop earning and start making clear that they are done with the petty and not-so-petty oppressions of an elite that despises them.


The template of the elite response has been drearily predictable. First, it was studiously ignored by the regime media. That didn’t work, because there are now rebel media outlets that publish unapproved information (are you shocked about the pro-censorship movement to suppress “misinformation”?). Next, it tried to mock the revolt. Those truckers are just hicks, and rubes, and even racists. It’s always racists, of course. And when that hasn’t worked, when gleeful Canucks lined the off-ramps and overpasses to cheer on the truckers, the regime tried to ban public shows of support. Then its gimp media moved to issuing urgent warnings that the pleasant pedal-pushers were about to get violent.

Just remember this flex – and every flex over the last two years in Kangarooland – when they tell you to turn in your guns.

The idea is, of course, to get the protestors to go away and stop interfering in their own country’s politics. That is the idea here too. Our government has just gone farther. The whole post-January 6th festival of liberal onanism was designed to demonstrate to the masses that they have no role to play in their own governance, that any effort to do so is illegitimate, even (gasp) insurrectionist.

That will work. Uh huh. Yeah, our elite’s track record of success shows that it is full of smart people who are competent and make good decisions. They’ll get this right. Sure thing.


The workin’ class is getting tired of this. And it is activating.

It, adorably, once believed the hype and participated in the political process by electing Donald Trump. After all, back before CRT, when schools taught civics, they were taught that every American has the right to make his views known and to elect the leader of his choice. It is so cute how they believed that. They registered their displeasure by electing Trump, and the elite said “No.” 

Trump was ham-strung by an elite enraged that its control was challenged, and the rigged election of 2020 – rigged in part by traditional fraud, in a larger part by improper voting rule changes, and most of all by an institutional conspiracy to install the drooling cucumber who currently wanders aimlessly through the Oval Office muttering nonsense – ensured the workin’ class’ choice was suppressed.

So what is the workin’ class’ outlet for its grievances now? The elite somehow got the idea into its pointy collective collectivist head that with no outlet, the workin’ class will shut its whiny trap and get back to making and delivering things to the elitists’ condos and mansions. Except history teaches that when you suppress legitimate gripes, the pressure builds instead of dissipates. Unfortunately for our garbage ruling caste, they don’t study history anymore. Too many dead white guys.


The workin’ class is going to revolt here in American, and I can’t wait. It’s a matter of both time and extent. In November, it will revolt at the ballot box again. But if that is stolen from them again, if the releases of protest and electoral impact are totally foreclosed to them, the revolt will manifest in other ways. The elite will deserve the whirlwind it reaps.

And reap it shall, because there’s nothing this collection of naggy shrews and fussy femboys can do to stop a real workin’-class revolt. Our rulers can’t feed themselves, they can’t fuel themselves, and they sure as hell can’t defend themselves. Our rulers rule only because the workin’ class allows them to. And it may get ugly when that permission is revoked.

It need not come to that, but our elite is so transcendently stupid that you would be a fool to bet that it would not provoke a real rebellion. One way or another, this is going to get resolved. After all, history always keeps on truckin’.

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