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Leftists Love Groveling

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Understand that leftists get off on seeing you beg for mercy. Patton Oswalt did that when he offended his own pinko allies, abandoning a friend to save himself. But all he did was abase himself.

We need to celebrate liberal hypocrisy. It’s a gift, and we must use it as a potent weapon to wake up the people who are still asleep.

Have you noticed there are more out there to watch than you can count, yet there is absolutely nothing on? Woke commie Hollywood is bad. Woke commie Hollywood that is boring and crummy is worse. But that’s where we are.

Leftism Is About Betraying Your Friends

Patton Oswald and I have clashed on Twitter before. He’s a smarmy lefty who does comedy. He’s popular among people who want to hear a comic say what they already think, and he’s made a successful career doing it onstage and on-screen. He’s a vaguely irritating presence, but he’s not my problem. Rock on, little dude.

But I feel bad for him.

I feel bad for him because he took a picture with Dave Chappelle on New Year’s Eve and posted it on Instragram, mentioning that he and Dave had been friends for decades. Chappelle, who says whatever he wants, is hated by the left because he says what he wants and not what they want. The left went nuts.

What did Oswalt do when his fellow leftists attacked him for liking his friend? He groveled.

He explained himself to the haters, tossing his decades-long friend under the bus to save his saggy skin. He wrote: “I’m an LGBTQ ally. I’m a loyal friend. There’s friction in those traits that I need to reconcile myself, and not let cause feels of betrayal in ANYONE else. And I’m sorry, truly sorry, that I didn’t consider the hurt this would cause. Or the DEPTH of that hurt.”

“I’m sorry.” Sheesh. Here’s an alternative – you can act like a man.

I don’t dig Patton Oswalt. I think he’s a jerk. But I hate seeing anyone grovel. It makes me nauseous to see anyone toss away their dignity to suck up to a howling pack of commie creeps with stupid hair and an inability to understand the bathroom they should pee in. It's degrading and humiliating and it turns my stomach to see anyone choose indignity over honor. Betray your friends to save yourself? Gross.

But leftists love it. It is their exercise of their puny power. They can’t do or create anything, so they get off making others crawl. Remember, they want us to live in their twisted psychodramas. And Oswalt volunteered to do so. 

Here’s the proper response: “I’ll take a picture with anyone I damn well please and you can go to hell.”

That’s it.

There’s your lesson. Never explain. Never apologize. Never grovel. 

The Ahoy gang of cruise ship conservatives once again tried one of their periodic “Cancel Kurt” flexes the other day on social media. I laughed at them. I mocked them. I made them look like the idiots they are. Within an hour, they stopped nipping at my ankles and went looking for a soft target.

Bullies have glass jaws, but you have to hit them to shatter those glass jaws.

Never explain.

Never apologize.

Never grovel.


So, sexy conservative love-goddess AOC is partying it up in liberated Florida care and mask-free. She’s the gift that keeps on giving to us conservatives trying to wake up the normals to the giant scam our ruling class is perpetrating. 

At the outset, her amazing attempt to distract from the fact that she ditched her desolate COVID-pit of a city to come south to frolic in the sun by claiming that Republicans just want to get with her is remarkable. And the first remark is, “You really think you’re all that, huh?” Her narcissism is merely a tribute to the fact that gals in DC are not typically – how to put it? – conventionally attractive. She somehow got the impression that not being actively repellant in appearance (never mind attitude) equals being a smokeshow.

That’s not how it works outside the Beltway.

But this 10-in-her-head’s delusions of hotness aside, have you noticed how she just does not care about the manifest hypocrisy? She expects her backers to fall into line as they wrap gauze around their mouths and take their thirty-second booster shot and cower in their crappy apartments in her scuzzy district. 

We woke conservatives are used to the serial hypocrisy, so we take it in stride. But the normal folks will notice it. It matters to them.

So, I for one celebrate their hypocrisy. Let’s not fool ourselves that they will somehow be shamed into suffering the same inconveniences their lessers, i.e., everyone else. They won’t. At some level, they want us peasants to see that they are beyond the rules they make for mere mortals.

To whine about it for the sake of whining about it is to practice helplessness. Our highlighting it must serve a tactical objective. When we point out their hypocrisy, we need to have a purpose, and that purpose is to wake up everyone else. Hypocrisy means nothing to us because we already know these are bad people. But it is powerful juju when it comes to people who have yet to gobble the red-pill and see the members of our garbage ruling caste for the scumbags they are.


We made the mistake of watching something called The Witcher on Netflix and something called The Wheel of Time on Amazon, and those are hours of life we will never get back. The thing is, these were the most interesting looking offerings out there. Both should be fun diversions with people running around chopping bad guys with swords and stuff, but no. Talk, talk, talk, and always about feelings. They seem to stuff two hours of plot into 10 hours of show.

Sure, some of the scenery is pretty. But the rest is agonizing, especially the girlpower nonsense. Okay, let’s be clear – a cute 110-pound girl with a sword taking on a 200-pound guy with a sword is going to be diced into cubes. These truly are fantasies, where men and women both go fight wars and spunkiness beats piles of muscles. 

Ugh. Stop. I’m sooooo bored.

Is there anything good out there anymore? I am open to suggestions. But don’t say Yellowstone. We could not stomach the woke. Yes, there is a lot of cool shooting, and everyone loves that, but this series – inexplicably beloved by a lot of conservatives – focuses on entitled jerks who are magical. They do whatever they want and always win, and somehow we are supposed to be happy about it. The heroes are creeps, murderers. I don’t like them and don’t want to spend time with them.

You can have a show where the protagonists are not good people. Look at The Godfather, which Yellowstone seems to want to be except with horses and Stetsons. But that movie did not make you think these were good guys. In Yellowstone, these are all bad people, and tiring too. That woman Beth that everyone squeals over – boring. She’s invulnerable and unstoppable and therefore uninteresting.

That’s it – I’m going to spend my time writing my next novel instead of watching drivel.

Until some visionary makes my Kelly Turnbull conservative action thrillers into a series, you’ll just have to read them. The sixth, The Split, shows what happens when America splits into red and blue countries. Get all these action-packed bestsellers, including People's RepublicIndian CountryWildfireCollapse, and Crisis!

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