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I love the smell of Joe Manchin in the morning … it smells like … victory. 

If you survey the charred ruins of the progressives' hopes and dreams, you will need to have a heart of stone not to burst into hysterical laughter at their pain. They were so close, so very close, and their heart's desire was ripped from them by a senator from a sane state who had zero desire to commit ritual, political suicide to please the brother-curious likes of Ilhan Omar. 

Cue the gif of a team of Joes carrying a coffin to that catchy EDM song. Savor. Taste their pain. Biden is broken, Schumer is humiliated, the "moderate" House Dems who Mistress Pelosi commanded to vote for this abortion are doomed in 2022, and somewhere, the Murder Turtle is smiling.

It's absolutely perfect. And the best part is, while we patriots are full of Christmas cheer, this humiliating debacle is going to make this the Democrats' worst Kwanzaa ever.

They got really mad at Manchin – who is no conservative – and called him a "liar" because he did exactly what he said he would do for six months. Only Democrats could consider someone else dishonest for refusing to conform to their pipe dreams. The fact is that the Democrats, starting with President Asterisk, thought that Manchin would cave if they just sent enough goons to shout slogans at his houseboat. Manchin is no sissy. These weasels are so used to pseudo-men who have never been in a fistfight that they think the whole world is full of low-T wusses who will fold the second some non-binary mutant starts literally shaking.

In the wake of this circus, you had a bunch of Hollywood liberals raging for the machine in puny frustration. Bette Midler, the quintessential Democrat constituent – an aging, lonely woman filled with bile because no man wants her – had this to say about West Virginians: "What #JoeManchin, who represents a population smaller than Brooklyn, has done to the rest of America, who wants to move forward, not backward, like his state, is horrible.  He sold us out.  He wants us all to be just like his state, West Virginia. Poor, illiterate and strung out." 

Except those hillbillies broke you, Bette, which says what about you? 

And Henry Winkler, usually an affable presence, suggested: "The Lincoln project should make a commercial letting West Virginia see what they WOULD have gotten From Build Back Better BUT their JOE said no. (sic)" The former Fonz seems to be unfamiliar with the Mountain State. Our Appalachian brothers and sisters are hardly going to get excited about being driven into poverty by the BBB's climate hoax insanity just so some coastal swells can obtain indulgences from Gaia to excuse their private jets. And the sturdy, sensible folks of the hilltops and hollows are unlikely to be persuaded by the ravings of a pack of skeeves better suited to riding around in a panel van offering puppies and free candy to passing pre-teens.

In fact, Joe Manchin did a huge favor to his Democrat caucus. There are a number of Democrats who were terrified to vote for it and equally terrified not to. Joe took the heat, and a bunch of them facing tough races next year signed in relief when Joe drove a stake through BBB's (and Biden's) heart last weekend. The legacy media insists that the bill is super, ultra-popular, and it is … among the people that legacy media types talk to, which consists entirely of Democratic pols, Twitter blue checks, and other legacy media types. Among normal people, it's legislative leprosy. And the Dem reps who now have to run on voting for it in swing districts know it. Thanks, Nancy!

This might well be the death knell for the entire Biden agenda, such as it is. His presidency is a total failure, with COVID still rampant, the border open, inflation, and international humiliation. It's good that he is a failure. He's a bad person pushing bad policies. He will go down in history as a loser, which is proper. He is a loser.

Will the Democrats, in their fury, drive Manchin out of their party? We should hope not. Better Manchin be Chuck's problem than Mitch's. The progressives will sputter and mutter in impotent fury about how now we're even more doomed than before to a global warming apocalypse, and Maserati Manchin will rev his engine and laugh. 

How apt was it that the West Virginian senator's gift to Joe Biden and the rest of the Dems was a lump of coal?

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