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Math really must be racist because the Democrats and their TV toadies have utterly abandoned it. ABC, which none of us watch because we are not invalids unable to change the channel to literally anything else, recently tweeted: “A single senator is about to seriously set back an entire presidential agenda” and there’s a big pic of the enbitchener-in-chief Joe Manchin. If he didn’t have a stupid mask on, you could see his grin at having forced Chuck Schumer to pull the “Build Back Better” bill – which should be called “Take Your Money to Give to Freeloaders and Democrat Donors and Make Things Much, Much Worse” bill – from consideration for the foreseeable future. The collective “phew” you hear is a bunch of Democrat senators running in 2022 thanking Gaia that they dodged having to vote for that Marxist albatross. 

Anyway, ABC and the rest of the liberal bloc might not realize it, but there are fifty Republicans against this legislative abomination, so 50 + Manchin is … 51, which is a majority under normal math, but these are very stupid times and our elite is composed of very stupid people so somehow a burning tire fire of a bill that loses 49-51 is proof that democracy is dead. 

But BBB being DOA was not the big story of the week. The big story of the week was North Shropshire, and the Democrats have no clue about it. They should, since what happened in that riding on the west side of England is a lesson in the pain that is heading their way in 2022. North Shropshire, which sounds like a place that is overrun with elves and toadstools, is deep blue, which is deep red in American terms. It’s been Conservative since 1832. It’s like Wyoming, but Cheney-free. There was a by-election there on December 16, 2021. The Conservatives lost. Hard. The swing since the smashing victory under Boris Johnson in the last general election was 31% away from the Tories. 


See, Boris Johnson heads a party called the “Conservatives,” but its establishment is not conservative in the current American sense, which is traditionalist/populist. It’s conservative in the Mitt Romney sense, which means rich guys with the same Eton/Cambridge (or Andover/Harvard here in the States) prejudices and inclinations that have led to everything being so totally screwed-up. They are more like American Democrats, except with silly accents and weirder kinks. A political chameleon as unencumbered any kind of ideological principle beyond “Does this help me?” as he is by standard hairstyling conventions, Boris got into office by defending Brexit, co-opting its energy, and dragging the Europhile elite along with him when the left tried to undo it. He crushed the Labour Party. But then he governed like an American Democrat. Climate hoax nonsense. Letting illegal aliens swamp the country. COVID panic. Oh, and his snobby minions decided to have a Christmas party after telling the country to cower alone last holiday season. Then they got caught on video snickering about it. Then they all lied about it.

Sound familiar? 

Look, the UK and the US political situations are not a perfect match, but they are close enough that you should pay attention. A few years ago, the shocking – to the swells and toffs – Brexit vote predicted the populism that gave us Trump. Now, Boris has embraced the same upper crust frivolity, like weather panic and pretending illegal aliens have some sort of right to flaunt the will of the people, as our Dems have. Boris picked and chose a populist few fights, like Brexit and not kneeling for the BLM mob, but his loyalty is clearly to his class. Class conflict has always been a central feature of British culture, but make no mistake – America too is in a class war as our garbage gentry tries to make the working class submit to its fussy will. Climate silliness, hugging crooks, inflating the currency, CRT – nobody but faculty lounge radicals, dumb college students, and frigid suburban wine women are eager for any of that nonsense, but that’s what our idiot ruling class is obsessed with. Everything is getting worse.

And then there are the lies, the never-ending lies. We were told COVID was going to end, but instead we got mandates and endless masks. We are told Afghanistan wasn’t a bloody disaster that led to international humiliation but a genius-level play that was perfect and don’t pay attention to the coffins in the corner. There’s no crisis on the border! Kamala is on it! And there is no crime wave. But there is an avalanche of insurrectionist white supremacy sweeping down upon the nation – didn’t you see how those Fox News guys asked Trump to tell the participants in the mild ruckus on Capitol Hill to simmer down? And then Trump did tell them! Our democracy is in under attack by conservatives telling people not to riot or something!

We are told that the economy is wonderful and that anything bad was the result of sneering looters and wreckers out of some Ayn Rand novel. They tell us gas costs more because of the oil companies – the same oil companies President * has not allowed to keep us energy independent anymore. At Thanksgiving, turkey cost more because of the Turkey Cartel, and Psaki’s explanation for why steak is so expensive is the perfidy of Big Meat. Say, dealing with that sounds like a natural mission for our intrepid Veep!

And then there are the endless examples of the swells and the connected being pictured maskless at their parties and balls as the servants stand to the side in their face wraps, and as kids in blue state schools remain gagged. Just the other day, the loathsome Maxine Waters flew to LA from DC unmasked as the peasants around her were hassled. People see this crap, and they get mad – just not the people the ruling caste ever speak to.

North Shropshire provides a graphic illustration of the coming backlash. Imagine, if you will, what it looks like if the American blue state equivalents of North Shropshire are suddenly at risk – not even of a 30-point swing but of just a 15-point change. Wow.

If the GOP doesn’t blow it by nominating the ridiculous fakecon Dr. Oz in PA or Todd Akin II, aka Eric Greitens, in Missouri, we’re already going to do well. The blue Nevada Senate seat is already slipping away toward my pal Adam Laxalt, meaning blue seats in Georgia and Arizona are going and New Hampshire is likely to go as well if the GOP can find a candidate. But if the North Shropshires of America are in play, we could get Colorado and maybe Oregon too. 

The Democrats would be smart to pay attention to what’s going down across the pond instead of shaking their puny fists at Joe Manchin for refusing to let themselves commit electoral suicide. But then, maybe we should just not interrupt them as they are making a mistake.

Yeah, let’s let it be a surprise.

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