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The panicking Democrats are tweaking the old "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" cliché, arguing that when the Supreme Court gives babies life, try to make that aid their campaigns. But "You won't let us kill kids!" may fly in Scat Francisco and other barren, childless blue hellholes, but as a campaign theme (along with such perennial favorites as "Stop being mean to criminals!" and "You are all racist!") it's not a winner. When families are trying to find $100 to fill up the old Dodge Caravan, "Republicans made it harder to abort babies in red states" loses to "Democrats aborted Keystone" every time.


It's clear that Roe v. Wade, even if it doesn't fall, will at least suffer its own partial judicial abortion. The recent Supreme Court arguments for and against the notion that somewhere in the Constitution, lurking beneath all those penumbras and emanations, exists a free-wheeling okay by the Founders to whack babies went poorly for the anti-baby side. Justice Sotomayor, the original Wise Latinx, warned the Court of the "stench" that would come from it holding that the Constitution does not declare open season on womb-dwellers; at least five justices and maybe six, depending Justice Robert's mood du jour, seem to prefer that scent to the stench of millions of little corpses.

What a grim and appalling subject abortion is. I don't like talking or writing about it, nor do you wish to read about it. But it must be addressed, and we conservatives propose the radical notion that it be addressed by the people through their legislators instead of by nine Ivy Leaguers in robes playing constitutional Mad Libs to manufacture not just a right, but an entire scheme to enable it, out of the text of a document that never even hints at the subject of abortion, much less mentions the word.

If only the libs would be so psycho about protecting the right to keep and bear arms, which actually does, you know, exist.

It is likely this sickening subject will be tossed back to the states where our state legislators can grapple with it. What that means is that no one will get their way entirely. In many places, the people will choose to rid their state of this abomination. More power to them. Not so in other places. In California, it is written into our state constitution. So, abortion will still exist if we conservatives get what we ask for from the Supreme Court. Some people may be shocked by that; you certainly will be if you listen to the leftists wailing about the fascist oppression of not being able to kill their kids. But it's baloney. If you really can't fight the urge to purge your child, you can always drop your wire hanger, pick up your car keys, drive to the nearest abattoir state and get your Gosnell on.


I wish you wouldn't. Safe haven laws mean you don't have to raise the child; he/she (that is all as far as pronouns go) will be cared for. And conservative charities will help you in the meantime. There's never a reason to have one; we conservatives need to put our money where our mouth is and make sure of that. 

Abortion is not going away by changing Roe. It might by changing hearts. Let's Make Abortions Anathema Again. Let's agree on the newly-radical notion that no, it is not the optimal solution. Is that so hard, libs? I had one liberal friend, decades ago, tell me, "Look, no one is for abortion." I think he meant it. That was Bill Clinton's take, too, making the procedure "safe, legal and rare." Back then, no one was excited about abortion; at least publicly, those in favor of abortion rights really were "pro-choice" in the sense they did not delight in the procedure. But fast forward 30 years to the freakshow we have today…

One of the dumbest PR ideas ever, as well as one of the most morally bankrupt, was the pro-abortion side's decision to stop acknowledging what most normal people – including ones with far more patience for the practice than we have – think is distasteful and should be discouraged. Now, these lunatics "shout their abortions," giddy that their transgressive act will freak out the squares. It's a societal psychodrama, a whole mass of angry women trying to get attention, figuratively yelling, "Look what you made me do, Daddy!"



You see the protesters and what a salty-looking crew they are. It's ironic that those most livid about the potential for abortions to be inconvenient are the people least likely for it to be an issue. Weird hair colors, piercings, bizarre clothes – their empty lives drive them to the extremes of everything, from their appearance to their politics, in an effort to get the attention they crave. And what is more extreme than publicly celebrating the slaughter of the innocents?

But that's not most people on the pro-choice side. Most of them still harken back to Bill Clinton's position that it is sad but necessary. When polled, the majority will tolerate it before the baby looks like a baby. But when it is clearly a baby, and the nuts demand people be able to ice the kid 15 minutes before birth just because, well, that's an abortion too far.

And yet, the Democrat Party does not seem to get that. Democrat activists seem to think that everyone is just as fanatical as the shrill mutant extremists who make up so much of the party apparatus. And they think that maybe, just maybe, they can turn the coming Supreme Court decision into an electoral A-Bomb. Rep. Nancy Mace (R-ish, SC), who is pretty much Adam Kinzinger in a pantsuit, frets that this is going to undo Republicans. Maybe the CNN starlet should go talk to some Republicans for a change. The idea that voters are going to vote for Dems in 2022 because Democrats are pro-feticide is just nuts. Only two demographics really vote based on expanding abortion: some angry women who won't need one and some lib dudes who want to score with lib chicks and think supporting it might help them. Everyone normal is much more concerned with six-dollar gas and scumbags breaking into their Toyotas. 


But even if your state is enlightened enough to ban baby-killing, there's a blue state nearby you can get a bus ticket to if you really, really have your heart set on it. The fact is that the repeal rule isn't going to be that big a deal after the initial rending of tacky garments and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Pretty soon, everyone's state is going to settle what it's going to do; then it's going to be done. And in 2022, the Democrats are going to have to actually run on their garbage record rather than on doofy fantasies about "The Handmaids Tale."

But we should encourage the Dems. Talk more to voters about things voters don't care much about. Yeah, double-down on stuff that's not on the top of our list of legislative "to-dos." After all, ignoring what the American people actually care about in favor of obsessing about their own bizarre prog fetishes is what got Democrats into trouble in the first place. 

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