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There’s one thing you can always be sure of – no one in our garbage elites sucks so much that they will ever have to pay for it. Sure, you might get cancelled if you inadvertently address some non-binary two-spirit femme-leaning otherkin as a non-binary two-spirit femme-curious otherkin or, if you become un-useful to the liberal machine, you might get hounded into resignation for cavorting with liberal gals who understood exactly the kind of Dem men they were cozying up to. But if you wreck a state, let kids get molested or killed, or preside over America’s greatest strategic loss and world-wide humiliation in a generation, it’s your lucky epoch. You won’t be punished; you’ll be praised.


And that’s bad, because a civilization that lacks accountability for those who presume to be its elite soon lacks civilization. 

Gavin Hairstyle Newsom has presided over the Golden State’s morph into a suppurating cesspool of hobo dung and crime – at least for the poors. Those things still aren’t allowed in the kind of Trader Joe’s demographic neighborhoods inhabited by the sexually-frustrated wine moms who make up the voting base that keeps sending these Dem tools like Newsom to Sacramento. They won’t hold Newsom any more accountable than they do their screaming brats Ashleigh and Kaden in the frozen goods aisle. No, Newsom is unchastened, and he will continue to screw up at what will be, no doubt, a much-increased velocity now that dumb Californians have decided to give him a pass. And he’ll be even worse now that his ego is as swollen as Nicki Minaj’s brother’s friend’s scrotum. 

A French Laundry toast to never having to say you’re sorry – clink-clink!

And then there’s that looming doofus James Comey. We all know how he covered up for his pal Hillary, then tried to undercut Trump, who mistakenly thought that being elected president meant he got to actually be president. The FBI’s reputation was no great shakes before Comey showed his pinched, sissy face on the scene, but when he left the house Hoover built, it was a raging five-alarm fire of failure. Recently, Congress probed the FBI about the scuzzbag Olympic team doctor who was probing the girls of the gymnastics team, which the FBI knew all about. The Bureau did nothing – it apparently had more pressing business, like framing Trump people for making Democrats mad. Nor could the FBI be bothered to stop a variety of school and other shooters. When one of these atrocities goes down, you can be sure of two things: the killer is not a Trump-loving Christian NRA member, and the FBI knew about him. 


Hey Jimbo, how’s that Las Vegas investigation going? Oh wait, you’re off making beaucoup bucks off your crappy tenure. 

And then there’s Milley, the general who never met a war he didn’t lose. But you know, even if he can’t destroy the enemy, it doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty he can destroy. With his ridiculous brown uniform, Army drag from back when we won wars, he’s managed to destroy American civil-military relations, destroy America’s reputation for being a military power to be feared, and destroy the cohesion of the greatest military in human history. He alternatively claims America’s most perilous peril is the weather or whatever white rage is. China? Nah, they’re pals. He didn’t resign when he had to close Bagram and pull out our troops before pulling out the civilians. And now he’s assuring his real bosses – the Chi Coms – that he’ll give them a helpful heads-up if the balloon’s about to go up. A sensible society would reward this buffoon with a short walk off a shorter plank, but what will happen to Mark Matoon Milley? We’ve already seen – high praise from blue checks, pinkos, and the rest of his elite pals.

Accountability? Nah. How about accolades?

Now, you might wonder how a society can function if the people at its heights are not held to account for screwing up. You might observe that unpunished failure breeds more failure, and that when it becomes clear that no one is getting fired or flogged for fouling things up, you will get more fouling up of things. And we have. What’s the American institution that works? Which one is good to go? Academia? Hollywood? The media? Name one that is not in the middle of lighting its credibility on fire with normal folks.


Just one.

It’s easier in the short term this way, at least for our elite mandarins. They’ve made a gentleman’s agreement not to hold each other responsible for anything, and it’s sort of working. But it can’t go on forever. The collapse will come. It can’t not. Slowly, our institutions will teeter and crumble, and then suddenly they will collapse entirely. And the people who run them will be surprised. But we won’t.

And then what happens in the chaos that will follow? 

Well, those of us with some actual skills will probably be okay. But what about those arrogant elitist jerks whose only skill is preening and preaching at their alleged lessers? What will they do?

They will find out about accountability the hard way.

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