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Donald Trump has left Washington, but only in physical form. His mischievous specter still haunts that fortified cemetery where our Constitution and all our alleged norms have been interred in shallow graves. No one is talking about America’s No. 1 Matlock fan. You would never know that * is president. DC’s denizen can’t move on. They don’t want to move on. Look what they have to move onto, two years of utter failure with that desiccated old zombie at the helm screwing this up until an energized and woke wave of GOP candidates who want to burn the whole garbage Establishment down sweep into power in 2022.


When the Reddit Rebels took on the Democrat-donating hedge funders, that was the spirit of Trump. And, like the awkward and clumsy counter-insurgents they are, our stupid Establishment tore off its smiley-face mask and stepped in to protect its own against the great unwashed who had so improbably managed to win, if only for a moment, the rigged game that is Wall Street. How many people got woke that day?

And how many people got woke when * threw tens of thousands of Americans out of work as human sacrifices to the blue libs’ angry weather goddess? 

How many got woke when * announced he was making the all-purpose boogeyman of “racism” a cornerstone of his administration?

How many got woke when they saw the Democrat-subsidizing tech lords shut down the speech of anyone who dissents?

How many got woke when COVID suddenly started to vanish the second it stopped being useful?

And how many will get woke when their $1,400 – not $2,000 – check arrives?

Left to their own devices, the Establishment fails. Left to their own devices, the spotlight falls on them, and when that happens people see.

The truth is that they want Trump. They need Trump. They cannot let him go. Trump truly is the greatest real estate magnate ever, since he owns all the space inside the Establishment’s bloated heads.

You can see it as they insist on going forward with their Lucy n’ the football impeachment, which will end in failure and Trump’s exoneration. Forty-five Republicans have already pointed out the obvious – you can’t impeach someone who is not in office. 


Plus, the impeachment itself is a substantive joke. As the president’s brief points out, more politely, it was written by bad lawyers like my loser congressjerk Ted Lieu and Eric Swalwell, who should stick to flatulence, being scammed by Chi Com doxies, and other tasks that he is actually good at. One key theory is the president “incited” the mini-riot, except the FBI might have something else to say about that. It keeps charging people with planning it way ahead of time. Now, Trump is awesome, but even his greatest fans don’t credit him with being able to bend time and space.

The impeachment claims themselves are garbage. Reading it, you see that many are not about “inciting violence,” but, rather, about the president saying that the election results were suspect. As the Answer correctly notes, you cannot prosecute someone for exercising his First Amendment rights, yet – astonishingly – that is exactly what this garbage indictment does: “There, he reiterated false claims that ‘we won this election, and we won it by a landslide.’”

Oh, and here’s another charge: 

“He also willfully made statements that, in context, encouraged – and foreseeably resulted in – lawless action at the Capitol, such as: ‘if you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore.’ Thus, incited by President Trump, members of the crowd he had addressed, in an attempt to, among other objectives, interfere with the Joint Session’s solemn constitutional duty to certify the results of the 2020 Presidential election, unlawfully breached and vandalized the Capitol, injured and killed law enforcement personnel, menaced Members of Congress, the Vice President, and Congressional personnel, and engaged in other violent, deadly, destructive, and seditious act.”


When again did telling your side to “fight” to prevail become “seditious”? Oh yeah – when our side did it.

Wow. Impeachment for saying unapproved things. That’s turning everything our Constitution is supposed to mean upside down, but such is the power of Trump to reveal the true moral bankruptcy of the Establishment.

Oh, they also ignored any kind of due process – there was simply a vote (in which Liz Cheney and some other hacks shamelessly went along with this farce) and – ta-da! – Impeachment 2: Impeach Until We Go Blind.

And there’s a hilarious lawyer thing, not that actual law has anything to do with this joke proceeding. It’s about severability:

"The House charge fails by interweaving differing allegations rather than breaking them out into counts of alleged individual instances of misconduct. Rule XXIII of the Rules of Procedure and Practice in the Senate When Sitting on Impeachment Trials provides, in pertinent part, that an article of impeachment shall not be divisible thereon. Because the Article at issue here alleges multiple wrongs in the single article, it would be impossible to know if two-thirds of the members agreed on the entire article, or just on parts, as the basis for vote to convict. The House failed to adhere to strict Senate rules and, instead, chose to make the Article as broad as possible intentionally in the hope that some Senators might agree with parts, and other Senators agree with other parts, but that when these groups of senators were added together, the House might achieve the appearance of two thirds in agreement, when those two thirds of members, in reality, did not concur on the same allegations interwoven into an over-broad article designed for just such a purpose. Such behavior on the part of the House of Representatives may have a less nefarious reason, in the alternative, and simply be a by-product of the haste in which the House unnecessarily acted while depriving the 45th President of the United States of his American right to due process of law. The 45th President of the United States believes and therefore avers that the defect in the drafting of the Article requires that Senators be instructed that if two thirds of them fail to find any portion of the Article lacking in evidence sufficient for conviction, then the entire Article fails and should be dismissed."


Basically, the entire thing is defective because all these different claims are mixed together. Now, one might try to dismiss this as a mere “technicality,” but laws, rules and procedures are all about “technicalities.” Either the rules apply to everyone, or they don’t. Here, the Establishment is seeking to keep the inconvenient fact that it is not entitled to a conviction from stopping them from getting one. If they can ignore the rules on this witch hunt, they will ignore them when they come for you.

And since the Constitution and, you know, evidence, is no impediment to the Establishment’s grubby grabbing for power, you might think it would decline to continue this ridiculous charade on purely cynical, practical grounds. This blatant attempt to take the decision on whether Trump should ever be president out of the hands of the people is going to further get people woke, but the Establishmentarians can’t help themselves. 

They have to talk about Trump, only Trump, Trump forever. And to do that, they have to shred the principles they asserted, but never really bought into.

After all, their alternative is much worse – people would be talking about them, and we’ve seen how that goes for them. So, Trump not only lives in their otherwise vacant skulls, but they invited him in, and locked him in, and will try to never let him escape.


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