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One of the many glories of Donald Trump is his remarkable ability to clarify the truths than have been hidden, or that weak and stupid people have just preferred not to see. Our garbage institutions are teetering, victims of age, technology, and the utter corruption and incompetence of our allegedly elite ruling caste, and for years the soft conservatives have refused to see what is right in front of their dumb, pasty faces. Thanks to Trump breaking them in mind, body, and spirit, there’s no denying it anymore.


The Establishment is a boil that must be lanced.

So many people used to wishcast good faith upon the Establishment even in these chaotic times. How often have you seen Republicans treating the mainstream media like buddies instead of the partisan opponents that they are? GOP dummies go on "60 Minutes" or some Sunday morning libfest, get ritually disemboweled, and come back scratching their toupees wondering what the hell just happened. 

But but but the host was unfair.

But but but the host was biased.

But but but I don’t understand.

But but but I was told that the media were brave truth tellers of truth!

Well, understanding the reality has been thrust upon even the stupidest of us.

Take a look at the Hoover Biden laptop thing. We have a computer that the Toast of Medellin gave to a repair man and forgot about because meth-huffing losers forget about stuff. We got his signature on the papers. We got his ambulance chaser demanding it back. We got the testimony of a veteran with a vaguely Slavic name whistleblowing it, and I was told that it’s literally treason to doubt whistleblowing veterans with a vaguely Slavic name (maybe they have to look like a bratwurst in their uniform for this to apply – it’s hard to keep track of the ever-changin’ rules).

And yet we have Leslie Stahl, a licensed, approved journalist of journalism, telling the president that the laptop revelations are not verified.


No verified? If some hobo on a corner took a break from nadlering all over the streets of San Francisco to tell a passing NYT reporter, “I like James Bond movies and I’m pretty sure I saw Putin paying for Don Jr.’s latte at a Starbucks on Castro Street” we’d see a headline the next day reading “Anonymous Intelligence Insider Reports Trump Family Receiving Payoffs From Russian Leader.”

When the biggest corruption scandal in American history erupts and the media hacks who spent their whole life Toobin Zoom-calling themselves over the thought of someday being the next Woodward and/or Bernstein because it hurts the politician they like, even the wimpiest of Republican simps start realizing that maybe it’s time to get woke to the reality.

There is no normal to go back to. Pretending that everything is fine and that the basic premises of American society have not been completely upended by leftists seeking total power is no longer cutting it. 

It would be nice to have a country where institutions did what they were supposed to do.

Where the media reported thoroughly and fairly and did not actively side with the Democratic Party. 

Where academia was concerned with academics instead of securing the cheesy sinecures of loser leftists who eschew knowledge in the pursuit of turning their colleges into commie conformity factories.

Where the NFL and NBA and, to the very limited extent anyone ever cared, the WNBA, just play their stupid games instead of temporarily pausing their drug and domestic abuse antics to lecture us on politics between bouts of bussing Chi Com butt.


The left relied on the credulous saps of the center-right to keep believing, and to keep lecturing us, about how everything was wonderful and how those of us paying attention and noticing that the left was working to marginalize and disenfranchise us in our own country were the real problem. But the real problem is the corruption and lies themselves, not the fact that we conservatives see the corruption and lies and call them out.

It was a way to shut us up, to try to shame us into silence. But it’s no longer working. Some of the worst of the allegedly conservative liberal water-carriers went full Never Trump. First, they admired the emperor’s new clothes, and then, when it became undeniable the king was going commando, they didn’t skip a step in going right to admiring his junk.

But it’s the ones who wanted everything to be peachy, who did not want to accept the existential conflict we are in, the ones who for so long wanted to believe that the real problem was that sometimes Donald Trump tweets mean things, who changed. When the Facetwitt simply refused to allow news of the Biden Family Joesta Nostra to be spread, it finally got through to them. The other side is serious about making us into serfs. And we have got to wake up and get woke to the fact that it's not whether we get into the fight of our lives, but only whether or not we will fight back.


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