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They Want You To Be Afraid

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AP Photo/Julio Cortez

The only thing that outraged the leftist elite, their cackling media Renfields, and the Fredocon sissies more than Donald Trump’s stubborn refusal to die was his stubborn refusal to cower in fear. Think of the collective climax they would have had if he had been wheeled out to the chopper or looked anything but mega-butch in the face of the virus? Once again, his courage has defied them, and that they cannot forgive. Now they are gripped with fear, the fear that the rest of us will stop being afraid too, because if we are not afraid then there’s no reason to let them run our lives. And without fear, there is nothing to protect them.


So, they never stop fearmongering.

Oh no, the flu is going to kill you! 

Or the Proud Boys are coming, all 23 of them! 

Or NRA people with guns will get you!

Or Mike Pence is gonna handmaid you!

Or Russians!

There’s always something you have to be afraid of, and always something they promise to protect you from – if you only obey. That’s why Trump cannot be allowed to show that you don’t have to live like a simpering wuss. You might follow his example and that would be a disaster…for them.

You almost have to feel sorry for the left, hearing that Trump caught the bug their Chinese pals unleashed and imagining that this microbe was going to do what all their lies and froth-mouthed howling couldn’t. They lathered themselves up into a frenzy wishin’ and hopin’ that this was finally going to be what did Trump in. And then the military doctors – who they now hate for failing to fail – fixed him up, and Trump strolled back into the White House like a boss. He was Mussolini though, because he stood on a balcony. Anyone on a balcony is Mussolini, the smart set informed us. And he’s just like Hitler too, because like Hitler, Trump has thumbs.

You could taste their pain, and it was delicious.

Trump refused to show fear. In doing so, he put the lie to the nonsense about “the New Normal.” Remember, the liberal elite wants a society where we shiver and sob. That gives them power. Cowering wimps are much easier to control than uppity citizens. This is why Midwestern kids enjoying spring break are worse than the ravages of Tamerlane, but never mind those rioting Biden voters – the #science teaches us that leftist tantrums confer immunity, don’t you know?


The fear they promote is all about control. Who cares that this is just a nasty bug that puts some people at higher risk, while others are at little or statistically none? No, they have to portray it as the Black Death because that convinces the cowardly to cede their sovereignty to the leftists who hate them. The elite doesn’t care if you catch a cold. It does care if you catch onto the cold civil war the elite is launching against you.

Trump showed that we don’t have to live in fear, and they cannot have that.

It’s always been Trump’s gift to act as the avatar of normal Americans, a symbol of resistance to the #resistance. He’s not afraid to reject their rules. He refuses to confine himself to the invisible mime box that the left wants to trap us in. He violates their rules by talking about things we are told are off limits – illegal aliens, criminals, the right to worship as we see fit, and the right to pack heat to defend our lives and liberty. The elite worked so hard to coordinate the media, big tech, and the Democrat Party to build a soft tyranny, to create a gender indeterminate Big Sibling so normal people like us could be pressured, intimidated, and nudged into conformity and obedience. Then Trump came along and turned all their plans to Schiff. He refused to play by their ever-changing and self-serving rules. He’s not afraid of their fussy wrath.


You’re supposed to be scared of getting sick so you give up your rights. You’re supposed to be scared of rioters so you elect Grandpa Badfinger and he’ll call them off before they get to your suburb. You’re supposed to be afraid to say what you think to avoid being cancelled and losing your job.

But Trump is not afraid, nor should you be. That is not to say that the threat posed by the elite is not real. They can hurt you, but it is the fear of being hurt they use as their tool. Fear is their ally, the fear of losing something – your health, your safety, the life within our society that you have built up. It is the fear of loss that exists when you have something to lose that keeps you in check. 

But let’s look at what happens if they make your fears come true and you find yourself with nothing to lose. It could happen, and you need to prepare your mind for it in case it does. But if they actually do to you what you fear, you become more powerful because you become more fearless. See, if Oldfinger gets elected, the organized left will infest the government and do its best to make the fears come true. It will threaten your reputation and your livelihood in conjunction with their corporatist pals. We’ll see what amounts to a social credit system where “racists” and “sexists” and all sorts of other false labels will be affixed to you to wedge you out of society. Criminals will run free to intimidate you, while the government will take your money via taxes and even steal your freedom – we attached them to frame Lieutenant General Mike Flynn, so do you think they will hesitate to do that to you if you cross them.


Your fears could come true. What then? Is the answer to submit?


The answer is to embrace those fears. Accept that you have nothing left to lose, because that means they no longer have anything on you, no leverage, no power. When your fears come true, you have complete freedom of action to respond. There is nothing more dangerous than someone with nothing left to lose because that man has no fear. Their success in making our fears come true will lead to their own downfall – after all, as the elite, with power and prestige, they still have everything to lose. Those of us with nothing left will take it from them.

Just ask Marie Antoinette. They should be very, very frightened of the people they are talking about when they say “Let them eat kale.”

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