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You know, I am still not tired of all the winning. Imagine having a Republican president conserva-woke enough to issue an executive order banning the poisonous lies of critical race theory from being inflicted upon our federal workforce. Well, we do have a president fearless enough to fight back, boldly and publicly, against the noxious propaganda of the academic left we taxpayers have been shelling out millions to pay commie consultants for. And he did it in the face of the utterly predictable narrative that “Trump is racist for prohibiting indoctrinating government employees with the idea that people are good or bad based on their race!”


Do you think a Jeb!, or a Mitt! or even a Nikki! would dare stand up to that kind of heat? No, they’d be kneeling, begging for absolution from the NYT and WaPo for the sins of the GOP base not wanting to pay moral and/or financial reparations for slaves they never owned to people who were never owned.

Thanks to Donald Trump, the culture war is back on and instead of General McClellan we have General Patton, and he’s up to RINO-slap a squish.

The culture war is that thing the “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” smart set of spineless Fredocons, who are all in on the “socially liberal” part but never get around to the “fiscally conservative” part, have told us for decades is a sure loser. Now, normally one should defer to the Fredocons on losing since they are the indisputable experts, but the fact that for decades the GOP establishment refused to fight about things that our base was concerned with led to a society where people tell you their pronouns and insist dudes can get preggers. Fiscal and foreign policy stuff is important, but when some dude dangles his doings in your daughter’s locker room because now he insists that he is no longer Charlie but is, instead, Charlotte, that’s a problem. And the geniuses kept telling us “Hush, knuckledraggers, we’re too busy trying to ship your job to China because Milton Freidman told us to and we don’t have time to icky fights over the things you care about that might get us called hayseeds at the next Georgetown mixer.”

All this garbage the left has pushed on us – from racial self-loathing to gender idiocy to killing babies – has catastrophic real-world consequences on real people and the people who presumed to lead us didn’t want to risk the kool kidz of kultur wagging their collective fingers at them. Trump not only cares but counterattacks. 


That’s why the executive order getting the government out of the racial grievance business is so important. Finally, we are able to exercise our brand of power – political power, since we control the executive branch – to push back against the unaccountable and totally left cultural power of the establishment. And it’s not only the president.

We’re all supposed to applaud the kneeling zillionaires of the NFL – the most spoiled bunch of jerks on planet earth – and yet when they came out and tried to rub their cultural power in our faces, when they tried to make us just sit there and silently be insulted presented by the felons, losers, and accused sex offenders whose names were emblazoned on their helmets, tons of us refused to tune in and those who showed up live booed these pretentious twits. How dare those peasants refuse to submit to the cultural commandments of their betters!

And then there was the reaction to the despicable Netflix Cuties film, a child molester’s fantasia that disgusted the nation. Look, far be it from me to stop the blue bubble-dwelling cultural elite from selecting “You dumb Jesus people don’t appreciate why pedophilia is no big deal” as their hill to die on. As long as they die on some hill I’m not too picky about which one, but if they want to choose the one that’s even going to creep out a lot of the Democrat Party’s voters, go for it. 

The simple and indisputable fact is that within the liberal bubble there is not only huge pressure, but an ideological need, to defend any perversion that comes along. The logic of the liberal ideology makes it impossible to say “No” – if you can’t tell a dude who is manifestly a dude that “Sorry, but you are a dude,” you are probably going to have a hard time coming up with a consistent reason why it’s bad for an adult to have sex with a 14-year-old. And, at least in California, the Democrat governor just signed a bill to substantially cut the penalties for a 24-year-old to have sex – of any kind – with someone 10 years younger. Sick.


Oh, it occurs to them that normal people are disgusted and appalled, but this does not cause them to rethink their disgraceful actions but to insist we are somehow mischaracterizing what they are doing. We say they are trying to penalize pedos less, and they are. And based on their grotesque rationalizations, if you follow their twisted logic there is nothing that creates a boundary between the lessened penalties they want today and the total abandonment of the idea of the age of consent. The leftist perverts get their perversion and the rest of the leftists get to further undermine the family and society – to people who hate you, it’s a win-win.

But we’re now fighting back. People are furious with Netflix, and it seems as if the Obama-affiliated VOD service was actually stunned that people objected. After all, cultural decency rarely penetrates into the deep blue bubble, and the idea that telling someone “Hey, your perversion is not okay” is totally alien to their caste. The cultural critics adored Cuties and were scandalized that anyone might be offended by the horrific sexualization of pre-teen girls. Alyssa Rosenberg of the WaPo fumed: “If conservatives, who have jumped on the debate over #Cuties, want to be taken seriously as cultural arbiters, they have to be able to talk about the *text* of a movie like this in an honest, responsible way.” Well, if the price of the total rejection of pedo exploitation of kids is having people in blue metro enclaves not take us seriously, we’re ready to pay it.


Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton have gotten involved and attacked Netflix and, by extension, the leftist luminaries involved. Note that Obama, who is deeply connected with Netflix, has said zero. And, of course, there’s no outrage from the creepy, hair-sniffing weirdo who lives in a basement. But it would be no surprise to see the president tweet about it: “Many are disgusted by failing Netflix (Obama has a big-money deal with it) exploiting kids. We will investigate and prosecute perverts. Sick! LAW AND ORDER!”

The culture war is not some niche distraction for Bible thumpers and repressed weirdos channeling Chris Cooper in American Beauty. It is not an inconvenience to our GOP establishment and a frivolous distraction from the serious business of managing America’s decline to keep it at a slightly slower rate than under the Democrats. It is the battle over the things that we normal Americans live with every day. The nature of our country and society is vitally important, and we demand a say in it.

Under Trump, we have that say again, finally, and in his second term look for Donald Trump’s administration to stay on the cultural offensive.

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