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As conservatives, we pride ourselves on our unwavering support of the Thin Blue Line, on backing our cops against leftist slander, and yet stupid and evil people in law enforcement are putting that default thumbs-up from normal Americans at risk. It’s bad enough when we watch the ridiculous spectacle of Deputy Karren and Deputy Man-Karen yelling at some mom for committing felony play-dating, but then we see how the FBI has flat-out framed political enemies and it’s too much. If the LEO community does not police its own ranks and stamp out this nonsense, it might as well take all the goodwill it has earned over the years, douse it in cheap gasoline, and set it on fire.


A big chunk of society, mostly on the left, detests the police. It would be a really poor idea to convert the right to that point of view too. But that’s where these trends lead.

Here’s the thing – we normals respect our police not merely because they have badges and funny hats but because they take personal risks to protect us from those who would violate our rights. Usually, these violators are criminals. But the category of “People who violate our rights” also includes political hacks and bureaucratic petty fascists. And we reasonably expect to be protected from those creeps too.

“But we might get suspended or fired!” is the response. Well, yeah. That’s correct. And that’s immaterial.

We flat-out expect cops to run into gunfire to save lives, cowards like that Florida slug aside, just like we expect firemen to run into burning houses. If doing that stuff was easy and safe, they would not get respect and be honored. See, that’s the deal. They get pay and prestige, honor and respect, because they do things other people can’t or won’t for the good of the community. It’s like soldiers – the troops don’t get thanked for their service because their job is kick-back and safe.

So, we can surely expect them to pushback when some tool with sergeant’s stripes or chief stars tells them to oppress us.


For those LEOs who are confused:

When someone tells you to tackle people for misdemeanor failure to social distance, we expect you to say “No.”

When someone tells you to fly drones around scolding citizens, we expect you to say “No.”

When someone tells you to walk through a church parking lot taking down plate numbers, we expect you to say “No.”

When someone tells you to roll the SWAT team, with a complete with a Keystone Kop sniper up top, to confront the peril of a bunch of people protesting to reopen business, we expect you to say “No.”

When someone tells you to hassle Jews for praying, we expect you to say “No.”

We’ve seen all these things happen or be threatened since the bat stew virus infected the Bill of Rights, perhaps fatally. And these atrocities have to stop. 

Yes, the officer(s) resisting bullSchiff commands may get disciplined or fired. Yes, doing the right thing sometimes has a cost. We will certainly support remedying such retaliation. But cops don’t get to do the wrong thing and still expect us to have their backs.

Many won’t play stupid games and they simply blow off dumb orders. I’ve witnessed police officers ignore all manner of Karen crimes, as they should. Bravo! We’ve seen a number of sheriffs stand up and refuse to enforce illegal and immoral orders from political hacks. Three cheers!


But then there are the Barney Fifes who, instead of saying “Hard pass” when ordered to dragging off some tattoo artist, comply instead. And that’s how we got a viral vid of two tubby constables hauling a guy to the pokey for trying to feed his family. Is that what LEOs signed up for? If so, we’re in trouble.

It’s a sad truth. Far too many of our LEOs are gutless drones who go along to get along, and it’s a disgrace.

And, to continue the theme of “disgrace,” we have yet to see one FBI agent throw his badge on the floor and walk out of the J. Edgar Hoover Building in disgust at what the Bureau did about FISA and Flynn.

We support the police; the police need to police their own to ensure they support us.

Here’s the thing – in an era where Democrats are increasingly attempt to leverage the power of government against their political enemies, this kind of passive acquiescence to manifest injustices is a real threat to the viability of this nation as a free country. Can anyone really calculate the damage the FBI and DoJ’s schemes and crimes have done to their reputations? And now local law enforcement is trashing its own rep with stupid antics designed to bully normal citizens. 

So what happens if a leftist leader starts telling cops to arrest religious minorities for not conforming? How about to arrest people for speaking freely or protesting? What happens when one tells to police to break into citizens’ homes looking for guns? What happens if the politicians tell them to shoot anyone who resists?


Can’t happen? Really? May 4th was the 50th anniversary of Kent State, where four students were shot dead by soldiers while protesting. Without relitigating the incident, the leftist reaction on the anniversary was fascinating. Especially amusing was the ever-flatulent, nuke-curious Rep. Eric Swalwell lamenting how government security forces used guns on American citizens even as he apparently forgot that his dream is to ensure that only government security forces have guns.

After what we have seen lately, through cowardice, stupidity, and outright corruption, who can still be sure that there are not a significant number of LEOs today who would claim they were “just following orders?”

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