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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

The good news is that you might get out of future jury duty, because when you are asked under oath about your own biases during a federal criminal case jury selection you would have to answer honestly by responding, “Your Honor, I don’t trust a damn thing anyone in the FBI says.”


If the heirs of Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., were to go up on the stand and testify, the recent disgraceful revelations about how their bosses tried to frame LTG Mike Flynn mean you would be entirely correct to grant them the same credibility as the dude caught wearing a black cape, a Lone Ranger mask, and a nametag that says “Willie Sutton” while tip-toeing out of First National carrying a big sack with a dollar sign on it as the alarm goes off.

Oh, and if an FBI agent asks if he can ask you some questions, try not to burst into laughter before you reply, “No, I assert my right to remain silent” and call your lawyer.

And this sorry state of affairs is all the FBI’s fault. 

Every bit of it. At one time it was the pride of American law enforcement, a symbol of integrity, honesty and incredible courage under fire. But now when we think of the FBI in “action,” we think of a couple dozen special agents decked out in full Delta Farce chic dragging an elderly gadfly out of bed in his PJs after making sure to tip-off CNN that this high-risk op was about to go down. 

Way to go, guys.

The FBI had an incredible legacy of honor and respect and took a giant Schiff on it.

Much like only socialism could make an island full of Cubans poor, or the Golden State a hellhole, only the choice of the liberal FBI leadership to go all in on using the power we entrusted them with to instead do the dirty work of the Democratic establishment could wreck the legacy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Good job. Right now, J. Edgar Hoover is wrapped in a sleek black cocktail dress, turning over in his grave.


It’s all falling apart, the result of the dogged untangling of this abomination by super-lawyer Sidney Powell and a few actual journalists who have pieced together this grotesque conspiracy. Comey’s FBI decided that they didn’t like the American people’s choice for president so they lied and cheated to spy on him and his campaign, collaborated to spray him and his administration with a golden shower of lies that they knew were lies, and then, when all that failed, decided to try to set-up an innocent man to be fired or tossed in prison for the crime of being in the opposite political camp.

My favorite part is how those bastards were so arrogant that they wrote all this down, like a Bond villain who casually explains his entire plan to 007 because he’s positive that the spy is just moments away from being taken away and killed by his henchmen. And it worked out just as well in real life.

Until Attorney General Barr forced them too, the FBI hid the FBI document that said the FBI was trying to set him up even though the Constitution requires that any potentially exculpatory evidence be turned over to the accused. But hey, I guess laws and rules and stuff only exist to be used against the enemies of the elite and its agents. For the elite, they are mere guidelines. And, of course, when they break them it is no biggie. That looming doofus James Comey handed off classified material to his pals to leak to the media. You’d go to jail, but he gets tongue-bathed by the lib media. Andrew McCabe chooses to lie again and again in an investigation. Oh well, the IG is going to write a stinging report about his naughtiness. That’ll teach him. Telling lies under oath to the FISA court? Don’t do it again *wink wink*.


But those guys are special. You and the people who agree with you politically aren’t. That’s why the FBI leadership conspired to maneuver LTG Flynn into a crime that isn’t a crime – “perjury” is a crime only if the statement is material to an investigation of a crime and here there was admittedly no crime to investigate – and why they insist that he’s got to do time. Who cares if he is a 33-year veteran of our nation’s wars? LTG Flynn should have guaranteed himself immunity by being a skeevy bureaucratic hack or an illegal alien.

And let’s not forget the crimes of the Mueller gang, that team of consummate pros that we were dutifully informed by the rump-bussing media was made up of the bestest and the brightest of American law enforcement. It was not bad enough that they threatened to prosecute of LTG Flynn’s son on false charges to coerce a guilty plea and cooperation again Trump, et. al. No, they then hid the fact that they made this promise to LTG Flynn by not putting it in the plea agreement as mandated by law. That way, as honest ex-prosecutor Andrew McCarthy figured out, they ensured that when they put LTG Flynn up to testify against a someone from Trumpworld, maybe even the president himself, the jury would never know the real reason LTG Flynn pleaded guilty – that he was forced to protect his family from false charges. They did this intending to lie to future juries


For us, this would be obstruction of justice and other crimes. For them, it will be nothing. The liberal elite will celebrate their aggressive protection of the elite status quo, the garbage media will nod in approval at their innovative dissident-removal strategy, and they will never, ever be prosecuted.

Sorry folks, none of them will ever see a day in jail. I hope I am wrong. I hope William Barr and John “Mind Flayer” Durham will see that these criminals are prosecuted for these outrageous crimes. But I don’t believe it will happen. Our justice system is really two justice systems, one for them and one for us, which means that we have no justice system at all. 

That’s more than just galling. It’s poisonous. A free society cannot exist like this long and remain a free society. These people, who we trusted with the most solemn of duties, betrayed their oaths and betrayed us for grubby political advantage. This was not done for some higher purpose. It was not some misguided pursuit of justice by frustrated public servants who were willing to bend some rules to right some wrongs. These people were serving only themselves and their self-interest, hoping that when they brought down the Republican administration the American people elected, they would personally benefit from the largesse of the Democratic administration that replaced it. 


They are worse than the gangsters the FBI became famous chasing. These disgraces, who frame political opponents, pretended to be public servants upholding their oaths while their criminal treachery served only their cheesy ambition. At least Willie Sutton was honest enough to admit (perhaps apocryphally) that he robbed banks because “That’s where the money is.” 

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