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Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities for the Win

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It’s glorious how the normal people of Virginia are rising up to reject Governor Blackface … or is it Governor KKK-klothes? He can’t seem to remember which one he was in the photo, meaning he had probably donned both creepy get-ups at some point. Yay, our Democrat betters! In any case, the people are telling him, “No, we’re not letting you goose-stepping Bloomberg bots take our guns,” and it is especially glorious that the means to make this righteous commitment is a new, and not garbage, sanctuary movement.


I’ve always been an advocate of playing by the left’s new rules, and this is a great opportunity to new rules the libs good and hard. We got your sanctuary right here, pinkos.

See, the left decided that Virginia, whose northern reaches are now full of government workers and other garbage people, needed to turn blue. With tons of lib donor money and the aid of a typically inept state GOP (I know those feel here in California), they managed to just barely grab control of both houses of the legislature. With Governor Byrd-Jolson in charge, they immediately promised to do away with the Second Amendment. They announced that they were going to confiscate the citizens’ scary guns and do all sorts of other things to show those disobedient, probably Jesus-loving rubes who was boss.

Except, as Chairman Mao – who you think these dorks would appreciate more – pointed out, power grows from the barrel of a gun, not out of a mean tweet.

Instantly, everyone outside the garbage counties locked and loaded their freedom and so the Second Amendment sanctuary movement began. County after county, and many cities, all committed to resisting if the state tried enforcing unconstitutional gun laws against normal citizens. And it was beautiful. The Dems wet themselves.

Remember, these normals won’t hurt anyone who doesn’t mess with them. They work, raise children, pray, and they keep guns for the defense of themselves, their families, their communities and their Constitution. They didn’t get the memo that said they were supposed to just roll over and become subjects instead of citizens.


After all, Virginians aren’t Canadians.

The Democrats freaked out, stunned that normal people responded to their diktats with middle fingers instead of abject submission. One lib threatened to turn the National Guard on the people of Virginia, which is a neat trick since the National Guard is made up of the people of Virginia. As a colonel who served for years in the National Guard (Remember the Rodney King riots? My time in them on the good guy’s side reaffirmed why I believe every able-bodied, healthy American adult should have a real assault rifle in his/her/xir house), I can safely say this would be a poor idea. Sure, some bootlickers might participate in such manifestly illegal warfare on free Americans, but most soldiers would – as is their obligation – refuse to commit such crimes. In fact, if Governor Duke Trudeau ever did consider the mass oppression of American citizens by military forces as his fellow Democrat threatened, the President should federalize the Virginia Guard and use it to restore a republican form of government in the state.

In any case, the Democrats have finally found a kind of sanctuary city they won’t goo goo over – one that protects the constitutional rights of American citizens instead of one that undermines and breaks the duly-enacted laws passed by the American people’s representatives for the benefit of foreigners who shouldn’t be here in the first place.


This kind of civil disobedience is absolutely justified in the face of manifestly unconstitutional threats to the Bill of Rights. The liberals think the Constitution is some sort of cafeteria, where they get to pick and chose the rights they will enforce – usually rights that aren’t even in the Constitution in the first place. But this only works if American citizens go along with it, and they are not going to.

As much fun as it is to humiliate their garbage governor, the people of Virginia are doing something more important. They are getting woke. This urban lib attack on regular folks – an attack totally unprovoked and being executed solely for the sheer lefty joy of making normal people bend to their will – has roused a sleeping giant. Many of those uncool people, most of whom don’t eat kale or have unusual pronouns, did not bother to vote in recent elections. Then they found that the Democrats were planning to send people with weapons to their homes to steal the tools that keep them safe and free. 

The people got woke. 

And the Second Amendment sanctuary movement is only the start. Next election, those people will be out and angry and armed with their ballots. The Dems have backtracked a bit, but it’s too late. They lit the fuse and it will blow up in their smug, goateed faces. As a Republican, it’s always amazing when you see that there’s another party whose leadership is dumber than the one at the helm of your party. For no good reason, simply because of cultural contempt and spite, the Democrats had to antagonize and awaken the somnolent normals of Virginia by posing an existential threat to them. It was so unnecessary – not one of the teachers, cops, insurance salesmen, farmers, housewives and such who mobbed the local meetings and forced local governments to mutiny against tyranny was ever going to hurt anyone with their guns except people who needed to be hurt. But no, the Dems couldn’t resist. They had to show those hicks who were in charge.


Well, we just found out who is really in charge.

Maybe if we make clear that we’re not going to gimp for the left, the Dems might not turn my amazing novels like People's Republic, Indian Country and Wildfireinto nonfiction. Maybe. My newest novel is Collapse, and people dig it (it’s an Amazon top seller with great reviews). Here’s the best part: Bill Kristol called my books “appalling.” Ahoy, best blurb ever!

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