Stop Lying To Us

Posted: Jun 08, 2017 12:01 AM
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The most significant revelation that came out of the most recent London massacre of disarmed British subjects was not the bloodshed itself, but the pathetic sissy whining, in the midst of throats being slashed, at the Brit who refused to adhere to the comforting lie that the Muslims doing the slashing in the name of Allah were not Muslims doing the slashing in the name of Allah.

The left would rather you lie and die than tell the truth and live.

It’s exhausting being lied to 24/7 about the big issues, and don’t start with the “but what about Trump?” nonsense because…well, what about Trump?

Does Trump pretend that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam because to admit the Islamic State has something to do with Islam is an admission that the unquestionable idea underlying multiculturalism – that every culture is wonderful except the Western culture that brought about 95 percet of the learning and science that is making the grinding poverty and disease that was heretofore man’s fate a thing of the past – is an utter fraud?

Does Trump pretend that we are morally or scientifically bound by a non-treaty that was non-submitted to our elected representatives to solve the non-problem of climate change at the price of our non-employment and non-prosperity?

Does Trump blame Russians for the utter repudiation of Felonia von Pantsuit’s poisonous ideology of greed and huggy fascism? Does he contend Hillary skipped those icky workin’ folks in Wisconsin and Michigan because Putin tricked her?

I keep trying to find the big Trump “lies” and they always seem to end up being disagreements with liberal orthodoxy.

But for the so-called elite that seeks to rule us, it’s all lies, all day, every day, about everything, since they can’t be honest because we normals reject what they want whenever we are exposed to the truth and are allowed a say. So their go-to move to impose their sick will is to obscure or hide the truth, and try to suppress our voices.

When it comes to terror, they prioritize their cocktail party clichés over our lives. They are willing to accept the risk of dangerous Muslim radicals infiltrating our country rather than admitting the truth and taking action. They refuse to bar people from jihadi hellholes, preferring to virtue signal in an orgy of self-congratulation over their own enlightenment. They refuse to deport scummy anti-American trash like punitive clitoral mutilation advocate Linda Sansour – hell, the liberal feminists have made that sharia-loving refugee from the Seventh Century their heroine.

And, of course, they eagerly seek to ensure patriotic Americans are just as disarmed and helpless as their Euro-victim counterparts. Nothing offends a liberal – especially their cowardly beta boyz – like a proud American with an AR15 shaking his head and saying, “Nope, I’m a citizen, not a subject.”

We reject their plans for our subjugation, so the left seeks to stop our voice from being heard. We elected a guy who, quite reasonably, sought to keep out people from places where a lot of the population wants to murder us, at least until we can get our ridiculous intelligence community capable of adequately vetting them. Of course, that would be done by the same bunch of saps who gave a 25-year old leftist named “Reality Winner” a Top Secret/SCI clearance though her social media feed included a pledge of loyalty to Iran should America find itself at war with those sexually-inadequate freaks. You know, when I got my TS/SCI, they investigated me so intensely that if I had any, they would have detected my colon polyps.

So, we vote for a guy who proposed to stop the refugee madness of King Barack and the left promptly goes to the courts, which invent extra-constitutional justifications for preventing the president from fulfilling his basic function of protecting the people of the United States. And when the president tweets in frustration, the left cheers because it fully expects the courts to again abuse their responsibility – no, a court may not consider material not in the record on appeal (the new tweets are not), and no, a court may not rule against someone just because he offended the judges personally.

Then there are the informal ways the left seeks to protect the lies – the attempts at public shaming, plus the intimidation by political correctness that tells the truth-speaker that his reputation, his job and maybe his physical safety will be in danger if he dares point out that the lies are lies.

The hell with that, and the hell with them.

We’re Americans, and it’s time to push back twice as hard. Confront the lies, call them out. Stand firm in the face of the systemic dishonesty our elite uses to attain, retain, and exercise power.

We are citizens, not subjects. Don’t be that pathetic sissy whining in the midst of throats being slashed at other Americans who clearly and unequivocally reject the comforting lie that the Muslims doing the slashing in the name of Allah were not Muslims doing the slashing in the name of Allah. Cease your embarrassing fussing, you gutless dhimmis. Pick up a weapon and fight.

No, they would rather you lie and die than tell the truth and live. But unless we choose not to stand up for ourselves, our families and our Constitution, we still get a say.

And we should say, “Hell no.”

The elite wants you to submit.

Run. Hide. Tell.

Never. We’re Americans. We don’t submit to intimidation and oppression, and certainly not to impotent jihadi schmucks.

Here’s how we roll.

Draw. Aim. Shoot.