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Another day, another massacre by jihadis, and Hillary Clinton wants you disarmed and defenseless. Vote accordingly.

The liberal establishment seems sadly resigned to the fact that this latest creepy radical Islamic freak deciding to go on a kill spree for Allah means the death of their beloved gun narrative. You know that at Hillary Clinton’s HQ, they were on their knees, only this time praying to some Earth goddess that,for once, it be a Christian Republican NRA member and not a radical Muslim Democrat Not-an-NRA-member. 


Except it’s always at least two out of three of “radical Muslim Democrat Not-a-NRA-member.” And this time it's apparently all three, plus bonus points for "gay." This scuzz was the perfect storm of liberal diversity.    

The best libs could do for their narrative was that walking bag of feces Dylann Roof. They tried super hard to wedge a round peg flag-burning atheist into the square hole of patriotic Christians. They merely managed to take out a symbol a good chunk of conservatives’ relatives (like mine) fought with … gasp…guns. That’s the best they can do, and it stinks. 

No one is fooled anymore - with libs it's all lies ploy to score cheap points against the Mestic political. Everyone can recite the litany: 9/11. Boston. Tennessee. San Bernardino. Others. Can’t once the Earth Mother answer their prayers? Can’t once it be one of the people the liberals are aching to blame?

Here lies the great Mass Murder Narrative, that it’s liberals' political opponents who are butchering innocent people because of Jesus and that terrible Second Amendment. Shot multiple times by liberals’ Designated Good Guys. Finally succumbing on June 12, 2016.

By the way, anyone remember that UCLA thing? Wasn’t it odd how it took forever for the name of the killer to come out, and odder still how the media when radio silent when his name turned out not to be “Steve?” 


Sure, the Hollywood crowd was out in force, with fart joke entrepreneur Seth McFarlane opining that we must ban automatic weapons. Well, the only people selling automatic weapons quasi-legally since 1986 have been Obama administration officials selling them to Mexican drug cartels. This kind of dumb shows why he ought to confine his commentary to things he’s an expert on, like body noises.

Otherwise, you could almost feel the exhaustion on the left. Some editor on a dying Kanas City newspaper decided to tweet: “Dear God: Today I am so sickened by the evilness of the NRA and gun industry. May their leaders be plunged into ever-lasting hell. Amen.” A little later he conceded that bloodthirsty, radical Islam was a slight problem, but insisted the main problem was Americans shamelessly organizing to defend their Constitutional right to the means to protect themselves. His afterlife preferences regarding the guy who actually murdered over four dozen people was not stated. His views on the eternal fate of the souls of the courageous cops who entered the building and sent that jihadi scumsack to Hades were not recorded either – doubtless some of them are NRA members and presumably in Yael T. Abouhalkah’s personal faith tradition condemns them to everlasting hellfire for having different political views than him.


A few clowns tried to compare shooting bullets into LGBTpeople while swearing allegiance to a group that tosses gay men off buildings to committed Christians who would prefer not to be the vendors called upon for same-sex wedding cake projects. To say this moral equivalency gambit failed to resonate is an understatement, and it may well have consequences. The LGBT community might be generally liberal, but there is also a powerful element of truthtelling in it – perhaps because so many of its members had to lie for so long. And the truth, which everyone now sees, is that the real threat is not the quiet Christian pastry chef or even the redneck bear with a pick-up and a bunch of rifles.

It’s radical Muslims, and Barack Obama won’t even say those words. One can debate the substantive merits of the outcry because Ronald Reagan did not publicly say the word “AIDS” for years, but now no one can seriously argue that Barack Obama – and Hillary Clinton until the polls came in – are doing what Reagan was accused of. They are lying by omission, and until they stop they cannot protect anyone. No one should be surprised if a large group of LGBT Americans stands up and saysso.

This could not have come at a worse time for Hillary Clinton politically – and no one should indulge any fantasies that she is not solely looking at this as a political problem. The left is once again screaming about taking guns away from the normals – “Shhhhh! We’re not supposed to say it in public!” Everyone else sees the truth – these jihadi freaks are going to keep killing us and the left wants to keep flooding the country with them while simultaneously disarming us. Here’s a hint for the unemployed: Gun stores are going to be hiring.


And there’s the dark horse issue Hillary Clinton is trying to ignore. In 1992, the Democrats under Bill Clinton came back in large part by taking the crime issue off the table by turning decisively against criminals at the height of the crime wave instigated by liberals’ thug hugging in the 1960s-1970s. Hillary has repudiated that; she’s full bore for “criminal justice reform,” and we are seeing what that means with the crime rates inching up. As liberals dump more and more criminals back into the streets, they simultaneously want to strip us of our means of self-defense. And the people are not down with that. 

This came home to me here in California recently. Jerry Brown has been releasing criminals left and right because justice or something, and to the surprise of no one the crime rate is going up. The other morning, cops in my very nice neighborhood nabbed two car burglars in my front yard. One of them brought a semi-auto along – I saw it and its full front of my house. 

If they had decided to break in, they could have killed me and raped and murdered my wife and kids, but for the Second Amendment. Hillary Clinton’s actions say she prefers my family (and yours) dead rather than my family (and yours) have a chance to fight back. That’s what it all boils down to. 

So if you are LGBT, or Jewish, or live in New York or Boston, or are a country worker, or a military recruiter, or if you have a family, or if you simply don’t want to be at the mercy of radical Muslims and common criminal scum, vote accordingly. 


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