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Counter-Trolling The Liberal Lies

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Liberals lie not only because the truth repels them like work repels a Democrat but because they hope to force you into accepting their lie and therefore becoming complicit in their deceit. Lying is an exercise of power; every lie we allow to pass uncontested is a small victory for these cultural trolls. Time to troll them right back.


Let’s start with the Texas clock kid lie. We all know that kid absolutely should have been confronted about his gadget, which would not have made it through a TSA checkpoint without a hundred government flunkies freaking out. Note that if there was an overreaction in locking him up, it was by other government flunkies – Barack Obama’s chosen people. This is why there should be many fewer of them.

But instead of blaming the zero tolerance-loving quasi-fascists who uniformly vote for him and his ilk, Obama could not pass up on an opportunity to demonstrate his contempt for the American people. He jumped at the chance to call his fellow Americans hideous racists, but that’s a lie.

Under the lie du jour, the alleged racist thought process must have been something along the lines of:

“Okay, this kid brought a weird, wiry electronic device into our school. Luckily, no one ever tries to hurt schoolkids, and certainly no Muslim male has ever tried or succeeded at going on a killing spree in Texas that I can recall. Now, from my extensive explosive ordnance training at schoolteacher school, I can see that this bundle of wires and circuits is clearly a clock, but since this kid’s ancestors came from some Muslim country, I think I’ll falsely accuse him of crime and take all the inherent risks of making a false criminal accusation because my senseless hatred is so intense, even though it has never manifested before this moment. ‘Merica.”


Hmmm. Sounds legit. Certainly more legit than, “I’m a not-to-bright government employee in an environment where freaks attack schools and this kid came in with a strange device and it got out of hand.”

Yeah, with Homeland Security still telling us, “If you see something, say something,” Obama’s meeting with his DHS secretary must be super-awkward. Maybe DHS could change it’s admonition to, “If you see something, say something, unless it’s a Muslim doing the something, in which case you’re rolling the dice because if you’re wrong President Fail and his MSM transcriptionists will call you a racist.”

In the aftermath, some people are saying this was a deliberate hoax by the family to create an incident, and if it was it succeeded better than they could have ever hoped thanks to Obama. Interestingly, you don’t have to be an Islamic mullah to fool Obama. Apparently, you can be a 14 year-old Muslim kid and make a fool out of him too.

The lesson for us? Reject the lies. After this lie came out, hordes of lonely liberals took to social media sharing their hitherto unknown expertise in the detection of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), toeing the Obama line that this was further evidence of America’s grotesque racism. But we normals fought back. Memes went up comparing clock brat’s creation with real bombs. Folks posted photos of various jihadi freakshows where they paraded kids around dressed as suicide bombers. Vets commented on how the “clock” looked a lot like the bombs that blew off their limbs. And moms observed that their kids’ lives were significantly more important than the feelings of some urchin who walked into a classroom with a beeping box of electrical components that would get him tackled by the Secret Service if he brought it within a mile of the Oval Office.


Oh, and folks started digging into the gadget itself, like how it was apparently merely a disassembled clock. Yah science! They also dug into the (Shocker!) activist history of the kid’s dad. Uh oh liberals, there goes your narrative.

We have seen a lot of liberal lies lately, which is not surprising since they have nothing left, and we’ve offered powerful pushback that frustrates and annoys them. In fact, it annoys them so much that Robert Redford just made a movie about the start of the pushback to the Big Lies. In what is apparently his first foray into science fiction, Dan Rather’s bundle of letters about George W. Bush’s National Guard service were apparently generated by a modern Microsoft Word program that traveled back in time to the early 1970s.

With regard to Hillary Clinton, you have her coterie of hacks piping up about how having classified material on your computer is no big deal and how everybody does it and blah blah blah. And in response, battalions of us who actually worked with classified material responded with truth – that anyone not useful to the Obama administration would be in an orange jumpsuit in about two seconds after doing one one-thousandth of what HRC indisputably did.

Damn that internet and its ability to allow the truth to get past the Democrat steno pool that is the mainstream media! No wonder Hillary is making a central plank of her platform changing the Constitution to allow her to make it a crime to be critical of her. As a result of all this freedom of speech, her favorability ratings are plummeting. Clearly it must be stopped; it’s so serious that the Democrats are starting to think Joe Biden is the answer to their problems.


But we aren’t going to stop. Conservatives released the videos of the butchers at Planned Parenthood doing exactly what we knew they were doing and the liberals freaked out. They particularly freaked out because Carly Fiorina used a CNN debate watched by 23 million Americans to talk about these sick, savage, baby-dismembering sociopaths. And their response was simply to lie – “None of the videos actually showed Planned Parenthood dismembering babies and selling off the parts!” Interestingly, their supporting argument is, “But there would be nothing wrong with Planned Parenthood dismembering babies and selling off the parts!”

Liberals count on people not actually watching the videos, and the MSM has cooperated by pretending that the revelation that an organization subsidized by taxpayers to the tune of $500 million is dismembering babies and selling off the parts is a non-story and not reporting it. But thanks to alternative media, we conservatives can direct normal citizens to the key clips. (Note: As of three days after the debate, the front page of Carly’s poorly designed website does not have a link to the video clips she cited in her devastating debate soliloquy. As a CEO, this is where you start demanding your staff get off their rears and start performing.)

Liberals have only lies and a complicit media. We have the truth and we now have the tools to fight for it. Every one of us – on social media, in personal interactions – needs to stop nodding along and start raising our voice. Troll them back with the truth.


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