Why Won't Endangered Democrat Senate Candidates Repudiate Their Todd Akin?

Posted: Sep 01, 2014 12:01 AM
There are a whole bunch of Democrats running for Senate this year, though in this case “running” seems to mean running as far away as possible from failed liberal messiah Barack Obama. You’d practically think they were Tea Partiers by the way they publicly espouse conservative principles like support for the family, protection from crime, and respect for religion. But they can't run away from their duty to repudiate the single most offensive, anti-woman, anti-family, anti-Christian candidate running under their Democrat Party’s banner.

Meet Democrat Amanda Curtis. She took over as the Democrat Senate candidate in Montana after Democrat John Walsh disgraced himself by cheating on his Army War College thesis (As an actual Army War College graduate, I’d like to say, “Thanks for that, Johnny – those of us who did the hard work to actually earn our masters degrees really appreciate you devaluing it.”) Now Democrat Amanda Curtis is running as a free-spirited progressive, unconstrained by things like class and dignity and the concerns of her constituents.

Democrat Amanda Curtis makes YouTube videos. Here are some of her greatest hits, which run the gamut from merely obnoxious to aggressively bigoted, and which firmly entrench her as this cycle’s Todd Akin.

Albeit one with a nose stud, which would be an unequivocal signifier of an edgy nonconformist if it was still 1987. In fact, that affectation and Democrat Amanda Curtis’s general vibe tends to remind one of those strident feminists who hang around college quads busily endeavoring to take back the night from mysterious, unseen phallocentric oppressors. Except this one is a major political party’s candidate for the United States Senate, and unlike the goofy womyn’s studies majors we laughed at back in school, we can’t just ignore her. Nor, try as they might, can her fellow Democrat Senate candidates.

Democrat Mark Begich of Alaska, where do you stand on Democrat Amanda Curtis? Your silence has been deafening while she wages her war on women. In her video compilation, you see how she mocks the terror of women threatened by sexual assault and the right of women to keep and bear arms for their protection.

Democrat Mark Begich, where do you stand on Democrat Amanda Curtis’s attack on women’s right to be free of sexual assault? Do you consider women’s safety an appropriate topic of humor? Do you stand with the right of Alaskan women to exercise their Second Amendment right to protect themselves from violent crime, or do you support a candidate from your Democrat Party who will vote with the rest of the liberals in your Democrat Party to deprive women of that right?

Democrat Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, we can only assume you agree with Democrat Amanda Curtis that women have no right to protect themselves from rape.

That’s the only conclusion one can draw from the fact that Democrat Mary Landrieu has not run to the nearest microphone to denounce this latest liberal attack on a woman’s right to live free of fear.

Democrat Mary Landrieu, repudiate Democrat Amanda Curtis and stop putting your Democrat Party ahead of Louisiana’s women.

Democrat Mark Pryor of Arkansas, where have you been as Democrat candidate Amanda Curtis was insulting and rolling her eyes at the mere mention of Christianity?

Democrat Mark Pryor, do you support your Democrat Party’s candidate when she thinks the religion that most of your constituents hold dear is a punchline?

Democrat Mark Pryor, why aren't you out there repudiating her anti-Christian bigotry? Why don't you stand with your Republican opponent, war hero Tom Cotton, and repudiate the kind of hate that the liberal establishment that gave us Democrat Barack Obama – who you voted with something like 97% of the time – tolerates?

Democrat Allison Lundergan Grimes of Kentucky, where do you stand on Democrat Amanda Curtis’s anti-Christian hate speech? Do you stand with the people Kentucky or with the liberal Democrat establishment in Washington, D.C.? Your silence is your answer.

Democrat Kay Hagan of North Carolina, why do you think it is okay for your fellow Democrat to make fun of Christians, and then to roll her beady eyes at the mere mention of the idea of family? Is that what you believe? Why do you want this woman in the Senate?

Democrat Kay Hagan, why won’t you take the side of the people of North Carolina instead of the bosses of your Democrat Party and reject the anti-Christian slurs your fellow Democrat is spewing?

Democrat Michelle Nunn of Georgia, why aren't you raising your voice against this kind of mindless progressive bigotry? You made a big deal of refusing to promise to vote for Democrat Harry Reid as majority leader, but in your first test you’ve chosen to tolerate the anti-Christian, anti-family hate of Democrat Amanda Curtis just because she’s in your Democrat Party.

Democrat Michelle Nunn, level with the voters. Admit to them that when it comes to choosing between their interests and the interests of the Democrat Party, you’ll choose your party over your constituents.

Democrat Bruce Braley of Iowa, Democrat Amanda Curtis isn't a trial lawyer so you aren’t risking losing your big money, out-of-state campaign contributions by standing up against her hate speech. It’ll be easy for you to criticize her if you just pretend she’s a farmer.

Democrat Bruce Braley, be like Republican Joni Ernst and emulate the example of courage that this Army lieutenant colonel has displayed by standing up to your Democrat Party for its nomination of an anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-woman extremist.

Democrat Amanda Curtis is truly the Todd Akin of this election cycle, yet in contrast to the Republicans, who immediately repudiated Todd Akin's bizarre biological misconceptions, the Democrats, by their silence, tacitly admit that they either support their Democrat Party over the people of their states or that they agree with Democrat Amanda Curtis’s radical and extreme agenda.

Why do you choose the Democrat Party over your people? The time is now to repudiate the anti-family, anti-Christian and anti-woman views of Democrat Amanda Curtis.

And it wouldn't hurt any of them to speak out against that stupid nose ring. It's not 1987 anymore.