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Planned Parenthood Closing Facilities Because Customers are Going Elsewhere

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While headlines blared today that four of Iowa’s 12 Planned Parenthoods are closing due to state cuts, there’s another story about the abortion giant shutting their doors in the Rocky Mountain region for an entirely other reason: lack of customers.


Half of the Planned Parenthood facilities in New Mexico are closing plus the last facility in Wyoming, for a total of five throughout the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains region.

And the decision was not completely financial, like the Iowa closings claim to be.

Meet Adrienne Mansanares, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Chief Experience Officer, who unexpectedly is honest about why the abortion giant is closing these facilities.

She said that in Wyoming, the closing of the facility dealt with their patients going to other providers, including the Community Health Center of Central Wyoming.

And about the closings in New Mexico, which fall under her same organization, she said that “[F]unding is one thing that we look at, but we also look at whether our patients will receive excellent care at another provider…”

Wait, what?

Planned Parenthood is plainly admitting that their patients are going to other federally-funded health centers. It’s likely because these Federally Qualified Health Centers are in convenient locations, many of which serve low-income populations, and provide a much wider range of comprehensive healthcare than Planned Parenthood.


FQHCs outnumber Planned Parenthoods by at least 20-to-1. They served more than 22.9 million people in 2014 versus Planned Parenthood, who served 2.7 million during the same time. Based on numbers crunched by Live Action, who pored over the annual reports of Planned Parenthood, “98 percent of women in the U.S. will never visit a Planned Parenthood facility in a given year.”

Better choices for women are usually right around the corner. Alternative women’s health options are on average less than five miles away from the nearest Planned Parenthood.

At all three of the Planned Parenthood locations that are being shuttered in New Mexico, there are dozens of comprehensive federally-funded healthcare facilities within 25 miles, according to

These are the health centers that will get more taxpayer dollars if Planned Parenthood is defunded and be able to help even more women and their families receive healthcare.

But Planned Parenthood needs to be defunded first. It’s appalling they still receive over half a billion in tax dollars every year yet serve less people each year. By their own annual reports, between 2006 and 2015, the number of clients served by Planned Parenthood dropped 19% while their revenue rose by 24%. Under Cecile Richards’ leadership, cancer screenings and prevention services have been cut in half and abortions have skyrocketed from 289,750 in 2006 to over 324,000 in 2015.


Yet they continue to receive government funding because they spend millions of dollars in the political arena and are a force to be reckoned with. Just this past election cycle, Planned Parenthood had a ground operation larger than Hillary Clinton’s paid staff and pledged to spend $30 million to elect her. They also gave 99% of their donations to Democrats.

Planned Parenthood is voluntarily closing their doors because women are finding out that they have better options than the nation’s largest abortion provider. Thanks to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains for finally admitting that we don’t really need them anymore.

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