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Where Is Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report?

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Usually by this time of year, Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion vendor, has already released their annual report, highlighting all the subjectively wonderful things they accomplished over the previous year, how much money they made as a non-profit, how many patients they screened for STDs, how many abortions they performed, and how much of their budget was composed of taxpayer dollars.


But this year, many people are wondering just where Planned Parenthood’s annual report is and why it is taking them so long to publicly release it. They’ve previously published their annual reports in late December or very early January. Their last annual report was released December 2015 and continuing financial and service data from the 2014 year.

With the heightened scrutiny of Planned Parenthood following the 2015 release of the Center for Medical Progress baby body parts videos, the year-long inquiry by the Select Panel on Infant Lives into the fetal tissue trafficking industry, and the promise to defund them by President Trump and members of Congress, this annual report is going to be looked at with a fine-tooth comb.

Planned Parenthood knows this and is likely scrambling to make sure all their bases are covered and that they can handle the pushback they are likely to get.

But they need to release the report now.

Here are some theories as to why there is a huge holdup to releasing what they’ve done with all that government money they get every year:

  • They had to rewrite the whole thing when they lost millions of dollars and creditability when their favored candidate lost the election in November. No doubt their entire report was based on them being a driving force behind a Hillary Clinton win.
  • They can’t manipulate the numbers enough to cover up the fact that the numbers of patients they serve each year is continuing to decrease. They only saw 2.5 million patients in 2014, down from 3 million in 2012. In light of the baby body parts scandal in 2015, their numbers of patients seen may have had an even steeper drop.
  • They made a substantial amount of money over what they made the previous year, demonstrating that they just don’t need taxpayers funding them any longer. In 2014-2015, they had net assets of $1.4 billion and $59 million in excess revenue.
  • Or maybe they received a lot more government money than they have in the past, making up even more of their budget than usual.
  • The accountant, who doubled as a magician by figuring out how to make abortion only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s annual services, resigned and there is no one there to work the same statistical magic this year.
  • They cannot possibly back up their claim that IUD requests have increased 900% since the election.
  • Their cancer screenings/prenatal services/anything other than abortion services have continued their steep decline. From 2014 to 2015, their cancer screenings and preventative services dropped an astounding 27%, while government funding increased.
  • Their presence on college campuses is laughable and they have no way to make it look presentable. In previous years’ reports, they claim around 200 Planned Parenthood groups on college campuses, and some years they don’t even mention them in the report. Students for Life of America surpassed 1,000 student pro-life groups on high school and college campuses last year, dwarfing Planned Parenthood’s number, whatever that may be by now.

Taxpayers doled out over $553 million to Planned Parenthood in 2015, making up 43% of their annual budget. Planned Parenthood has a duty to report to the public what they did with that money, especially now that they are facing a national defunding battle.

Hopefully Congress will follow through on their promise to redirect that funding stream to the thousands of other federally-funded health centers that provide more comprehensive care, sans abortion, than Planned Parenthood could ever provide.

So what is Planned Parenthood hiding in their annual report? Since we the taxpayers fund them, we deserve to know.

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