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It seems to be the time of marches. Protesting, pink hats and obstructing traffic has become the norm in the last few years. But there is a different kind of march brewing in the nation and it is drawing the support of some power moms like Sarah Palin.

Since the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. there has been a huge groundswell among the mothers of our nation hungering for the opportunity to share a much different message—one of hope, goodness, and decency. On September 23, HomeMakers for America is holding a Mom's March for America to do just that. Sarah Palin will join Candy Carson (wife of Dr. Ben Carson), Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty, and several other moms, speaking at the march.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “A sufficient measure of civilization is the influence of good women.”

More than ever we need the influence of good women in America.

The ladies organizing the Mom’s March are ready to deliver. The Mom’s March for America is a very different march than the one we witnessed in D.C. this past January. For one thing, the Mom’s March is not being held in Washington, D.C. It is centered in the Heartland of America, in Omaha, Nebraska, and being broadcast live across the nation. Mothers and daughters will be able to join the march right where they are via internet livestream and audio through the Salem Broadcast Stations in Omaha. Organizers are encouraging mothers to gather with friends, family and neighbors to watch or listen to the march and reignite the spirit of community that once prevailed among women in America.

Another difference with the Mom’s March is there is no actual physical marching. How do you have a march without a march?

“Many groups march in Washington,” said Ellen Wheeler, director of outreach for the Mom’s March. “Mom’s wish they had time for that. This is not a march walking down the street, shouting and carrying signs. This is a celebration of the biggest cultural movement happening in America - the march that mothers make every day in their homes, neighborhoods, and businesses as they nurture their families, influence their communities and shape our nation.”

With all the marches over the last eight years to protest a myriad of unconstitutional government mandates that passed anyway, maybe it’s time for something different. The Mom’s March seems to be that something different moms are looking for as moms all over America are signing up to be a part of it. The Mom’s March isn’t about politics, parties, or policies. It is about women standing united for the principles and values America was founded on; that made us the freest, most prosperous nation on earth.

Unlike the women’s march, the Mom’s March isn’t protesting anything. It is a national gathering of mothers standing for something. The Declaration of Mothers is the standard for the Mom’s March. Moms can sign the declaration and have their city lit up on a national map of light in a visual display of mothers who stand for truth, reverence of family, love of God, and cherish freedom. One look at the map shows the power of the movement with cities lighting up all over the country.

“Mothers are the greatest influence in our nation,” said Lisa Cummins, one of the many mom volunteers for the event. “We are shining a light on the powerful influence of mothers and the impact we have on our country and culture. What America looks like in the future, largely depends on us.”

The Mom’s March for America isn’t the only gathering of women being organized this year. Evangelical icon Lou Engle, founder of The Call, is uniting with powerful women’s ministry leaders to host a Rise Up event on the National Mall on October 9th; and a mother in Utah is organizing a Joan of Arc march of mothers and daughters in Salt Lake City on Labor Day weekend.

One thing is clear—the silent majority of women are rising up, declaring the anti-family, anti-freedom, and anti-men message of radical feminism is archaic and outdated. It is overused, overstated and completely out of touch with what the majority of women and mothers in this country care about—family, faith, and freedom!

To quote founding father Benjamin Rush, “The women of America have at last become principals in the glorious American controversy. Their opinions alone and their transcendent influence in society and families must lead us on to success and victory.”

On September 23rd all eyes will be on the Heartland as mothers across America unite to shine the light on the powerful influence of mothers on our nation and stand united to proclaim that truth is self-evident, family matters, and freedom is worth fighting for.

If you are one of the millions of mothers frustrated, discouraged, and seeking a platform for your voice and your values, this may just be a march you can get behind.

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