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Major stories in the news this week have intertwined to send a powerful message regarding the future of America and our influence in the world.

The president of the United States—the leader of the free world—made an historic visit to Israel and the Middle East to promote peace and expand freedom. The Saudi Arabian government extended a red carpet welcome President Trump and his family. The Israeli Prime Minister expressed how much he and the people of his country appreciated him being there; welcoming him with open arms. Meanwhile, back in America a group of graduating Notre Dame students walked out of their graduation ceremony to protest the president of the United States.

The truly sad thing about this is that these students actually believe they were acting courageously, doing something noble and brave. At some point in their lives—probably when they realize their student loans come due and they can’t get a job to pay for them—they will realize just how duped they were. They will come to understand they have been lied to by a deceptive media, propagandized by their professors and in many cases, neglected by their parents who were either too busy to teach them about real courage or too trusting that Notre Dame would do it for them.

At some point these students will comprehend they walked out more to be considered cool and compassionate than for any real conviction or understanding of what exactly it was they were protesting. It is then they will realize their “walk-out” had about as much impact as Martin Sheen spending a night with the homeless to help fight homelessness.

Many on social media posed the question, “if they didn’t like the speaker, why didn’t they just stay home.” The answer is simple. They don’t want true equality. They want everyone to conform to what they want—whatever that happens to be at the moment.

Our children are running amok! They think they’re some kind of heroes in the virtual world of their video games. They think they’re leading, setting a new standard others will follow. They aren’t leaders. They are followers—pawns of a group of radical individuals hell-bent on destroying our Constitutional Republic—and using our kids to do it. They’re using our children to promote their agenda and their destruction convincing them they’re heroes and patriots—just like Japan convinced their youth to be kamikaze pilots and Germany convinced their children to become Hitler Youth. It is the same means Iran uses to convince their children to strap bombs to their waists, and that media propagandists used to convince Colin Kaepernick he was courageous for taking a knee and a hero for starting a movement.

Our children are being used, lied to and deceived for the sole purpose of destroying the Constitution of the United States—the very document that protects the God-given rights of every American no matter their color, gender, race or how they happen to identify on any given day.

Neil Postman said, “Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” What message are we sending? If we don’t make some serious changes, it will be a message absence of freedom, void of virtue, and riddled with poverty.

We have been so successful solving big problems like hunger, clean water, racism, and equality for women that we’ve created an abundance of time to make new problems and then pretend to fix them.

The people of Israel deal with the real threat, every day, that their children may be killed on the way to school or the mall from some crazed bomber thinking their acting heroically. Mothers in Manchester England are anguishing for the loss of their sons and daughters whose lives were viciously taken by someone wanting to “make a statement.”

This is NOT the life or future I want for my children!

All mothers, no matter where they live, how much money they make or what color they are, want the same things for their children. We want them to be safe, to get a good education, to be healthy and happy—and to be good. We lay that foundation in our homes and we can’t assume our children will get it anywhere else. Students disrupting a graduation ceremony is selfish, arrogant and disrespectful. A failed education system that propagates ignorance and promotes the destruction of freedom is inexcusable. Children living in fear of going to school, shopping at the mall or going to a concert is intolerable. As mothers we need to demand better!

The President of the United States is in Israel right now making a real impact, influencing real lives and striving to promote real peace and equality so we can have better. It would be really nice if the media would focus on that for a change instead of continuing their relentless attacks on President Trump and his administration for breathing, while applauding a group of students from Notre Dame for “taking a stand.”

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