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You may not have felt it, but this past week was the single best week for Americans since *President Biden took office.

(And that included a couple of hours in which *VP Kamala Harris glommed *Presidential power away from him briefly.)


Just on merits, We The People gained wins in three different areas that impact all of us.

Too bad more than half of us knew enough to even understand these wins. Yet even those ignorant of facts, even after they took to social media to proclaim lies about one of the cases—all three benefit all of us.

Rittenhouse: It may not seem like it but it is difficult to overstate how important his win is.  When you consider the level of abject deception the media, the *president, and other elites had pronounced in the case, with literally only the evidence they were imagining in their heads, the nation needed this win badly.

What was literally at stake was the eventual precedent of a court saying that even when a lengthy rap-sheet felon is pointing a Glock 26 at your face, you’re not allowed to shoot back.

That precedent would’ve pleased the Robert (Beto) Francis part of the country but would’ve been devastating to normal Americans. 

Additionally, every single big tech company that smeared Rittenhouse now must face their reality. By deleting accounts they disagreed with in 2020, they took on the role of a publisher—not merely a platform. Allowing people to post and keep up posts that slandered Rittenhouse by labeling him a White Supremacist, an avowed racist, a criminal, and dozens of other non-publishable smears, Big Tech chose to side with those remarks and now it’s time to pay. (Same applies to CNN, NBC, The Washington Post, New York Times and more.)


It would be nice if the attorney who got the kid from Covington Catholic got Rittenhouse enough funds to pay back Mike Lindell for his generous gift of bail so that he could visit his mom, buy mom a new house, and still have enough to start a charitable foundation/media company of his own to take on rogue prosecutors who waive AR15s around, point them at jurors and come within a breath of going Alec Baldwin on people inside a courtroom.

Oil: Rittenhouse wasn’t even the biggest or most immediately important judicial decision last week. That came from the U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty. The Attorneys General from 13 states sued for an injunction against the administration’s *executive order (partly bc it was written on the back of a napkin) for the very legit reason that the *president is not allowed to just write things down and then expect people to obey them. 

Early this year Biden fully suspended drilling and all other lease operations at dozens to hundreds of oil and natural gas mining sites. He did so while mumbling about clean air just before he gave the green light to China to keep on burning their coal in the race for energy independence. A race he is largely helping us lose.

The judge sided with the states and immediately people that had been without work, and a nation that desperately needed domestically produced energy got both presents at once. 


The administration complained, then filed an appeal (which they know they will lose,) and by the very next morning decided to turn around and auction off the sites. This means even more revenue to the states where they exist because they will likely reap the windfall (100’s of millions in some cases) of the purchases, but also largely benefit from private competitive companies coming in to operate and produce the energy from the sites.

The injunction ended Biden’s ban immediately.

Vaccine Mandates: While CNN news “anchors” were busy putting their children on social media this weekend in an attempt to gaslight and shame parents who have zero intention of putting the CoVid vaccine into their children’s bodies, other parents got great news from the Sixth Circuit Court. 

Since an even less structured *executive order (we think it was on a gum wrapper,) had been sent to the Occupational Health & Safety Administration a few weeks back, dozens of lawsuits were being filed around the nation challenging the fiat-on-gum-foil. The requirement to force businesses to carry out the fascism of dear leader was being responded to in force. All of them argue that it is unconstitutional for a “*president” to begin enforcement of an order that wasn’t even an “order.” 


Biden couldn’t get it through the legislature so why not just go all Mussolini on us and make the employers do his dirty work?

OSHA did begin enforcement… …until this week when it announced that it wouldn’t until these cases were settled. That should happen sooner than later because all of them have been consolidated into a single case with Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire serving as the lead plaintiff. 

With OSHA’s announcement to not enforce coming within moments of the Sixth Circuit’s consolidation (a circuit with eleven originalists on it out of sixteen total judges) they saw the writing on the wall and ended enforcement.

But like the hot little dictatorship they *think they are *running, Jen Psaki told businesses the next day to ignore the courts and OSHA because Joe Biden said so—or some close proximity to that effect. 

For what it’s worth I believe and have since it happened that one of Donald Trump’s most important and enduring legacies was the number of judges and justices he was able to appoint. 300-ish jurists with a deep and abiding respect for the Constitution as it was penned. 

The administration is simply horrid once it gets to the legal arena. It’s like they haven’t even read the Constitution. Hence why they lost 42 of 62 cases in Biden’s first full-court term by 7 justices or more on the Supreme Court. That includes 28 cases won by unanimous agreement from the entire court — a modern-era record.


And they best prepare themselves.

The litany of fascist mumble mouth progressive wishlist *executive orders are just now getting to the Circuit and Supreme Court’s levels. 

Believe me, there is a lot of blowbacks yet to come their way. 

And for true Americans—who live freedom, value our representative republic, and want our government to simply do its job to protect and sustain her—this was all very good news!

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