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Following the shooting deaths this week of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo, the disproportionate loudmouths in Congress, commonly referred to as “the Squad” repeated their oft-stated absurdity that police are killing unarmed black men and that America would be better off without them.


It’s important to note that none of them offered to give up their own police protections made available to them at the Capitol.

The woke mobs on social media immediately began to echo their calls anew as well. Within seconds “justice for Wright/Toledo” began to flood uninformed purveyors on Twitter and Instagram.

The newer messaging phenomenon in the era of critical race theory garbage is that modern police organizations are an extension of southern plantation legacies where former slaves were hunted down.

Despite the fact that the idea of lawful justice began in Biblical times these same absurdities get repeated over and over. (Sadly even from some modern day pulpits.)

The assumption goes as this: America has a modern day problem where young black men are getting gunned down by aggressive and out-of-control (and racially motivated) police organizations. The observation assumes that the events of the day support that assumption and hence we must repudiate police in the name of racial equality.

Sadly it’s all a farce.

Despite consistently making up a continually shrinking percentage of the population, young black men commit by far more violent crime than any other single demographic group. In 2019 African Americans — despite making up roughly 12 percent of the population committed 55 percent of homicides for that year—roughly 9,000 of the 16,400 murders & non-negligent manslaughter crimes. 


Yet despite that fact do you wish to take a wild guess at how many unarmed black men were shot and killed by police officers that same year?


Not percent. That’s the total number of persons.

Every year for the past several police have shot and killed roughly double the number of white people as black. Doing so despite young black men committing by far the majority of gun-related crimes. (And again while making up roughly only 13 percent of the overall population.)

Rummage through the Washington Post’s police shooting database and you see other interesting and important facts. Despite the fact that Latinos have surpassed blacks in population percentage, they commit far fewer homicides. They also have an interesting correlation in much fewer being shot and killed by police. Going back to the year of 2019 — 11 in total

In 2020 police shot and killed 24 white, 18 black, & only 8 Latino unarmed victims.

In 2021 to date - 5 white, 3 black, and 2 Latinos. (And Daunte Wright is included as one of the three. Adam Toledo can’t be included because he was armed.)

There’s also one other reason why Tlaib, AOC, and Pressley are getting black men killed with their proposals.

Communities of color know better!

Genuine community leaders in the nation’s toughest cities have weathered the unchecked riots and violence in the aftermath of George Floyd for nearly a year.


The communities that most needed police protection and help were systematically defunded by the false narrative that the squad and the progressive left have perpetrated. Crime rates have escalated. More Murders have happened. More shootings. More assaults. More rapes.

Community leaders are growing weary in asking their cities for more police. Especially now that most of the big city police organizations are minority-majority in their make up.

More police look like the people and neighborhoods they are patrolling. More are coming from those neighborhoods to the academies. Ask any local pastor or community leaders from the toughest streets and you will find that this greatly increases the safety and confidence of the people living there.

This is especially true when you also realize that more than 80% of whites are murdered by fellow whites, and 85% of blacks are murdered by fellow blacks.

There are significant ways we could and should be attempting to solve the problem of young black men, the crime they are committing, and what we can do differently to change it. Both the Wright and Toledo deaths were tragic and unnecessary.

Our hearts should break that their lives ended in the season of life that they did.


Both were violent young men, disrespectful of their communities, the law, and lawful authority. They each did as much to contribute to their own demise by ignoring safe and lawful instructions.

Had they chosen differently they would be with us today.

Getting rid of police, ending community policing, refusing to prosecute crimes committed, and advocating for such will only result in adding to those horrible statistics listed above.

But Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez, and Pressley want more black men dead—at least that’s what their stated publicly policy goals would seem to support.

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