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Why Would Biden Want to Give Us COVID-21?

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AP Photo/John Locher

Joe Biden would do what?

When the history of the COVID-19 outbreak is finally penned, there will be those who told the truth about it and those who didn’t. 


There will be those who acknowledge that China, more or less, accidentally or on purpose, with malignancy or negligence in their souls, released a virus more deadly than any pathogen in recent history.

That China was able to tell its lies to the watching world, manipulate the facts in their own scenario, and megaphone their propaganda to the majority of the globe, was not merely the design of their own ill intent, but also the corruption of the poorly named World Health Organization. 

That the WHO assisted China in slow-walking enormously important facts, cool global urgency, and even shame nations who objected is not just guilt by association. It is straight-up complicity in one of the largest death waves in history.

It also revealed an anti-American bias within a group that is 90 percent American tax-payer funded.

See, it’s one thing for America to “do our part” towards assisting the global community in the discussion of health care theory and fighting disease outbreak in conjunction with other nations. It’s also another thing entirely for the organization spearheading those benign efforts to abuse us, betray us, knife us in the back and dump our body in the alley.

The WHO has done the latter. Misleading America and the world at large, while carrying the water for brutal communist thugs who each deserve a firing squad.


So where does Joe Biden come in?

Good question. Poor Joe is a troubled soul. Lots on his mind these days. He’s “won” a presidential primary that he really hasn’t had to compete in. He’s the nominee for a contest that he barely wanted to participate in. He’s been podcasting from his poorly lit bookshelf—sometimes even with his sign taped on straight to the podium he stands behind—but somehow seems slightly the wrong size for. He sort of had to fend off questions about why his son—who has no discernible skills except to impregnate women he’s not married to—got millions upon millions of dollars from the poor people of Ukraine while not knowing the language and never even visiting the place. He has accusations coming at him now from someone who worked for him. And his same son who has no discernible skill somehow is currently collecting millions of dollars from... China.

Wait, what?

The same China that led the WHO around by its nose ring and told the world to go pound sand?

Yes. The very same.

But he has an even bigger problem than that considerable list.

This past week he revealed something unimaginably dangerous to Americans. And like most of his mumbly bumbly public statements from the past seven weeks (even ones that he slept through), the media failed to really ask any important questions about it.


The day Joe Biden pledged to restore the nearly $500,000,000.00 to the same World Health Organization (upon election) he more or less was saying how comfortable he is letting them do it to us all over again.

And if nothing else could or should be able to persuade the American people as to what’s at stake in this election, ask yourself this question, “could you handle COVID-21?”


This is as easy a litmus test that’s ever been issued.

Pledge to put America’s public health and safety above your unskilled son’s questionably legal income, footsie playing with hostiles, and pledging millions of unemployed Americans’ tax dollars to those who gave us the pandemic (and would do it again).

Otherwise, we just can’t ever let you near the Oval Office.

Pretty simple decision. 

Simple except for guys who speak word salad and can’t remember what state they’re in most days.

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